Windows Live Mail 2011: Glimpse of New Features


Windows Live mail 2011 is the part of the Microsoft Windows essentials that allows you to insert and watch the multiple email accounts including Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Gmail etc. Users can watch email, calendars and contacts without Internet connection.

Windows Live Mail 2011: Glimpse of New Features

Windows Live Mail 2011 allows the people to incorporate each other by using online portion of Windows Live. It has many advance features for e.g. by couple of clicks, you can convert slide shows of WL Photo Gallery into WL Movie Maker auto movies or online publication is also possible due to Windows Live SkyDrive’s 25GB of cloud-based storage. It is easy and speedy way to run your e-mail accounts.

You can insert the upcoming events in your inbox due to the live mail 2011. Now, Windows Live Mail 2011 is obtainable in a public beta. Window live essential 2011 works on Windows 7 and Windows Vista but Windows XP is excluded from this. Windows live mail has features like you can Sync with web calendar and share it to your friends and family members.


Requirement of the system:

  • Resolution: Minimum: 1024 × 576
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM or higher
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz or higher
  • For Photo Gallery and Movie Maker: Components of DirectX 9 should be installed in your computer for photo gallery and movie maker.
  • Internet connection: Dial-up or broadband Internet access is needed for the internet functionality. Charges are applied for the local or long-distance.
  • Graphics or video card: Video card is needed for the Windows Live Movie Maker that chains DirectX 9 or higher and Shader Model 2 or higher.
  • For Windows Live Mesh: OS X 10.5 should be installed to operate Windows Live Mesh.

Features of Windows Live Mail 2011:

  • You can get the messages from every added account.
  • Send the massage including emoticons or photographs and attach files.
  • It manages the manifold electronic mail accounts, POP3 as well as IMAP.
  • It contains practical RSS feed client.
  • Large quantity of arrangements and personalization options are available.
  • Speedy access to the calendar options and address book.
  • Program events and notifications can be added in the contents to the event calendar.
  • You can share your memories by sending photo email to your friends with the help of Windows Live SkyDrive.
  • You can change the way of massage, colors.

How to use Live Mail 2011?

Users can add multiple email accounts to Mail. To add email account in your Windows Live Mail inbox, you have to first click on Accounts and then click on Email. Insert your email address, password, and name and click next. Add more accounts; click on Add another email account.

Windows Live Mail 2011: Glimpse of New Features

Users are also allowed to add easily reminders for events and other particular days to Windows Live Calendar through your Windows Live Mail inbox. Do couple of click on event to add a location or other details.

Windows Live Mail 2011: Glimpse of New Features

After turning the conversations, you can enlarge them to show all of the messages in a conversation or hide these massages also. For this, click on the view tab then click on Conversations then on or off. Click on the triangle next to the message or click expand to show or hide all of the messages of conversation.

Windows Live Mail 2011: Glimpse of New Features

You can send the photos to your friends and family. Click Photo email in your Windows Live Mail inbox. Select the photos that you desire to send then write the name of it. To share this photo with other, write the email addresses of that people. Click on Format then click on Album privacy to not see this photo to other unwanted people. Now, click on send.

Windows Live Mail 2011: Glimpse of New Features

How to download?

  • Choose the language from the Change language drop-down list. Click on change before you click on download.
  • When you get the security message about company or publisher, be sure that the name of company must be Microsoft Corporation. Click on run, continue, allow.
  • Now, the installer opens, choose the programs that you desire to install. Click on next.
  • In a waiting time, go further and use other programs on your computer.
  • When it is finished, go for new programs on the Windows Start menu under the Windows Live.

Windows Live Mail 2011 video from youtube:

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