• Why is it so difficult just to pay a bill? Do these people want to antagonize customers? It shows you how easy it is – then why can’t you get to the page they show??? Absolutely the worst – possibly even worse than BofA if lthat’s possible!


    I can’t seem to find out how to register to pay my bill online

  • Valerie Strotmeyer

    I am trying to pay my bill on line, please give me an easy explantation on how to do this.

    Valerie Strotmeyer

  • lucy

    why i fail in best buy credit card log in ? i want to access best buy account info online.

  • Eleanor Martin

    Why is it so hard to just sign in and pay your monthly. This is a joke to pay your bill

  • Carol Raskey

    I am trying to pay my best buy card online and finding it extremely difficult. I don’t want my payment to be late. Please help.

  • Evelyn Zarbock

    As of today I am no longer going to use the online service. It takes me a long time to get to the bill page and now, once again, there have been changes. I have privacy concerns and most important of all , this constant upheavel is not supportive the me, the consumer. Now, I have a 40.00 late charge, even though I made a payment last month , but it missed the payment, which I didn’t know because of the difficulty of walking through this system.
    I’m going to go back to writing checks and getting a paper statement every month. Too bad, HSBC is a huge company and should be accommadating to it’s customers.

  • lrb107

    I have found this to be typical of Best Buy. I work in law enforcement and often review in-store video related to thefts. Best Buy video = garbage. Target video, Kohl’s video, Walgreen’s video = awesome. Why is it that a “technology” store like Best Buy keeps producing garbage: a website you can’t access and pixelated black and white theft videos???
    Garbage. Makes me wish I would have bought my items elsewhere and never received a card from Best Buy.

  • Virginia Hamilton

    I would like to pay my bill on line but can find absolutely no information on how to do this. In addition I called customer service and could not understand a work the person on the other end of the line was saying. I wish you would hire people that speak English

  • Annemarie

    many timeshv trouble in hrsaccount best buy login n pay bill too… don’t encourage people 2 pay on line wen they can’t. poor business!!!!!

  • Rassuel

    best buy customers, search hrsaccount best buy for online payment n get retail service! very gud service, me 100% satisfied n u?

  • sandy

    i want to pay bill online. but www.hrsaccount.com bestbuy login page has some problems. i agree with Annemarie, poor business.

  • Amber

    hrsaccount.com best buy login is too easy. u still not….if so ….dis one is gr8 info to login to ur bestbuy credit card account!