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Advertisement contacts to consumers by direct mail offers and online communications through its website. For direct marketing, it has no retail offices. PCH stands for Publishers Clearing House. It is a direct marketing company. It provides discounted offers of magazine subscription and household merchandise to customer. is the official site of To pay online, visit

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About PCH company:

Publishers Clearing House has 400 employees and it was established in 1953. Its headquarters is situated in Port Washington, Long Island, New York. Harold Mertz and LuEsther Mertz started PCH Company. PCH is offering customers an array of discounted subscription offers by mail. In short period, this company becomes one of the largest magazine circulation agencies in the industry.

Payment process for US customer:

Publishers Clearing House offers a chance to enter to win one of many ongoing sweepstakes when customer buy any discounted household merchandise from Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes has become now dreamed and most popular in america. PCH offers amazing prizes to lucky winners of sweepstakes on a regular basis.

Please red PCH online official rules to enter sweepstakes contest. provides three ways for payment such as Visa, Master card and Discover.

If you want to do online payment by credit card, then enter your 12 digit order number from your invoice and your zip code. Online payment is accepted only for “total” amount of order and they do not accept partial payment. If you desire to make a partial payment, then please contact customer service department of and select #1 option on automatic system.

If you want to make payment through check or money order (do not send cash), then send payment on mail with your invoice to:

Online Free Sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House:

PO Box 4002924

Des Moines, IA 50340-2924

For specific order payment, the remittance portion of the Invoice or billing statement must be submitted with your check. Otherwise, any payments received will first be applied to any outstanding balances you may have with them.

Payment process for Canadian Customers:

Now Canadian customers can also make payment by credit card. is accepting Visa and Master card also. If you want to make payment by credit card, then contact its customer service department and select #1 option on automatic system.

If you want to make payment through check or money order (do not send cash), then send payment on mail with your invoice to:

Publishers Clearing House

PO Box 904

Markham, ON L3P 0A2

If you send payment for a specific order, then the remittance portion of the Invoice or billing statement must be submitted with your cheque. Otherwise, any payments received will first be applied to any outstanding balances you may have with us.

To be sure about your payment:

Publishers Clearing House starts the process of payments when it arrives and update its daily payment information. It is dependent when your online payment is made. They provide to allow one to two business days for online payments to update.

You must be sure about the status of your payment by entering your 12 digit order number (from your invoice) along with your zip code. Then you see ‘last payment posted‘ field with the last payment amount which is posted with the date of payment received.

Four Part Payment Plan:

4 Part Payment Plan means you can pay your order in four monthly installments. It starts with minimum amount due on your invoice. This is the first invoice you will receive to request payment.

The minimum amount due must arrive, which is eligible for the 4 Part Payment plan by the ‘payment due date‘ reflected on your invoice. If the minimum payment amount is not received on specified due date, then the 4 Part Payment plan option will not available longer and full payment will be required to avoid delinquency.

Calculation of shipping and handling charges:

Shipping and Handling charges are calculated on the total order amount and those are as under:

Order Level:

  • Up to $17.00………………………..$5.99
  • $17.01 to $25.00…………………..$6.99
  • $25.01 to $35.00…………………..$8.99
  • $35.01 to $45.00…………………..$9.99
  • $45.01 to $55.00…………………$11.99
  • $55.01 to $65.00…………………$12.99
  • $65.01 to $75.00…………………$13.99
  • $75.01 to $100.00……………….$15.99
  • $100.01+……………………………$16.99

In IA, MN, NY and WI, applicable sales tax will be added. Merchandise will be shipped to arrive in 3 to 4 weeks or you will be notified. Late payments may be subject to a late fee of up to $3.50 (up to $4.00 for Canadian orders). All orders are subject to credit approval.

Publishers Clearing House refund policy:

Publishers Clearing House provides to cancel any magazine subscription or return any merchandise product ordered up to 120 days from receipt of shipment when you may not completely satisfied, for any reason. You will get a full credit (including any shipping and handling) on all subject not delivered and on any product returned within this time limit. Every credit will first be applied to any balance you may have with them. If you do not have an open balance on your account, then a refund check will be issued and should arrive in 6 to 8 weeks.


  • diane larry

    I returned this item unopened last week. order # 3035 6750 8920; customer id# 01186762454

  • I never received a conformation for my payment.

  • I HAVE A REALLY BIG PROBLEM. i order some stuff for xmas gifts. and did ge some items ,butreturned alot to. my deal is i need to have 1 bill so i can pay this. i wrte aletter but got nutting in return. please help me out.1#deep fry pan- 24.05 i kelp it ,but used 1 time and is to cheap,not worth the money. 2#book for dogs, which i returned. 3#cd player,that was for xmas but got it a mth latter, it doesnt have volume control on the remote , which that sucks big time. 4#pend, clock ,that i returned it . 5#dual saw,that was for xmas but it was late also 6#2 blankets, returned also. 7# steam mop, which i really do like it ,anyway PLEASE HELP ME OUT.SO I CAN PAY U. THANK U L.BRASELTON #ID #01821199831

  • Marie Carroll

    I want to pay my bill online. When I go in it does not let me login. Thanks Marie

  • HI
    I just want to pay my order for $23.16 NOW!
    It just wont go through.
    HELP !
    David Morgan

  • I want to pay online for Order#3035 8772 4963, $34.41

    Thank you, June Fletcher, 3627 Elizabeth Ave., New Bern, NC 28562. Phone #. 252-671-7276,
    my e-mail address is: [email protected]

  • Bobbie McClennen

    I need to pay my bill online.
    Customer ID#01914802713
    Order # 303606607949

  • Wauneta Brown

    This page is not any good to pay a bill on. I have tried this for years, why don’t you have a page that we can pay our bills on line/

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    I want to pay my bill online with a credit card-help

  • Q T Graham

    How do I pay my bill online? I went to the /pay site and got nothing.

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    Joyce 4:17 PM

  • charles

    where can i find pch online payment link?

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    I am o glad I am not the only one who has trouble everytime I come to this site. My advice to everyone call and pay over the phone. It is so much easier.

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  • Jim Spencer

    Reference order#: 3036 0248 8136 Customer ID : 01893752608. I just received your bill accusing me of being delinquent. I would appreciate it if you got your records straightened out. I mailed you a check on 25 March 2010 for $26.95, which you cached. It cleared my bank on 30 March 2010. Please stop sending me anymore deliquent notices. This will be my last dealings with PCH. Sincerely, Jim Spencer

  • Bonnie France

    Your pay on line will not take my payment, it says my order number is wrong.I am trying to pay forthe stainless steel wisk and the household hints book. for a total of $ 42.41. What s the deal? Send me the order number so I can pay for both at one time like you want it paid for, I want to apy on line as it is faster.

  • Ethel Fedorovich

    I cannot find a “contact us” site (that works) and I do not like the Betty Crocker cookbook I received. I made payment, but have not received any further actions so I don’t know if I’m payed up or what..How and where do I return this book and let PCH know about my problem?

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    I have made on-line payments twice, once in Decembe 09r and once in Mar 10. I did not receive a receipt for the payment and I could not find any place on your website to look at my ordering history and payments received by mail. The on-line payments were deducted from my bank so evidently they went through your system. I would like to know if you have the capabilities for me to enter my customer ID# and see my ordering history and status of all of my orders in order for me to know where I stand on returns, Payments received, etc I am getting overdue notices from you on items that were paid 2 months ago. Eagerly awaiting your reply. Sonja McLaughlin.

  • carol savage

    this is the second time i received a letter for you guys about how much you think i owe you, yes i did order a couple of things from you guys a few months back and the only thing that i received from you guys is a amont for payment.. at first i said well maybe they send the things that i order after and i’m still waiting… the next thing i got from you guys again was another bill. first of all i don’t mind paying for anything that i get.. but i have yet to received it from you…. you have not send me any thing but a bill.. i think you guys need to stop sending me bills for something i never received.. check and see did you even send anything out… and if so were did you send it to.. cause i sure as hell did not get it.. pls contact me bac..k i see you did not have a problem sending a bill you have my address right but were is the product

  • Pat Bygd

    I recieved a call tonight that I owe 114.00. I made a payment 2 times and she told me if I get a call again I should call customer service. I do not think I should have to prove myself when one check cleared the bank on 7/6. What is going on. I should not have to wonder if it is crediting my account. This will be the end of my ordering from PCH. It is mostly poor to fair quality mechandise anyway.

  • claudia powers

    the reason why i havent paid, is because iam waiting for disablely for a check…then everything will be paid in full. iam sorry i havent got back to u mortaga is late an others…sorry for the inconvenience………..claudiapowers

  • Lorraine Hoey

    I have been dealing w/ PCH for years, never had a problem paying online, in fact today I just paid a bill for a gift I ordered for my daughter in another state, that they sent to her address in another state, Go slowly and make sure you are putting info in right, i do order quite a bit, what bothers me is the S/H high prices for each ind. item. I am disabled and basicasllt housebound, and yes they are over priced, BUT i have checked for simular items as PCH has some i could not find like the gift for my daughter, and I am good w/ the PC, so I had no choice, my income is bad, and wish at least if they can come up w/ REAL special discounts, to all of us who have been faithful to PCH. and have good backgrounds RE paying on time etc. I am seriuosly thinking of leaving PCH… (Yeah right!?…lol).

  • Janet Hubbard

    In August I placed an order for snap lid bowls and a Reba cd that also included Trisha Yearwood with it. I Recieved the bowls and a note saying the cd’s would be shipped in about 2 weeks. I never recieved the cd’s. Also the number on the back of the bill says you can directly speak to a customer service rep. 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. I have called several times and still have reached no one at that phone #

  • Janet

    i received a listing of my accounts. I was able to open it but had to leave so I opened it on another computer. Now I can not open it on my home computer, only on the one where I can’t print the information. I have e-mailed and e-mailed to no avail. If they read these messages, I hope they would resend my bill.