YBOnline Internet Banking website (Ybonline.co.uk) Guide


The official website of YB Online Internet Banking is www.Ybonline.co.uk. It is situated in the city Leeds of England. Yorkshire Bank is found in may, 1859. This bank is part of National Australia Bank. Yorkshire Bank provides services like internet banking, offshore internet banking, and international trade connects, invoice finance direct. Yorkshire Bank is the major English arm of the National Australia Bank Group’s UK process.

For registration and login:

  • Firstly, enter your customer number and current telephone banking access code
  • After that, write sort code and account number
  • At last, write your email address and press next option and fill your online form as per instruction.

If you are already registered then you have to follows 3 steps for login. First enter customer number then click continue button and follows as per instruction.


  1. It gives Up to 60% off UK airport parking and 40% off UK airport hotels through Holiday Extras
  2. No commission on foreign currency or foreign travelers’ cheques
  3. Ability to apply for world wide travel insurance cover
  4. Flexible offshore multi-currency savings & current accounts, debit cards and savings accounts
  5. It gives 20% off the TenUK 24-hour concierge service
  6. It gives Up to 25% off private medical insurance with Pru Health in your first year
  7. Further savings on Champneys health resorts, fitness clubs and health screenings
  8. It offers Up to 20% off medical check-ups through Preventicum
  9. It provides attractive credit card rate
  10. It provides superior service home insurance from Hiscox with automatic Home Emergency Cover and free access to Control Risk 24-hour support
  11. It helps to access to financial planning experts, will writing and trustee services
  12. It gives free use of meeting and conference rooms in Financial Solutions Centers (mainland UK)
  13. Expert business and legal support through discounted Forum of Private Business membership available to members at £75 p.a. (normally valued up to £525 p.a.).

How to find store:

First enter your town name and postal code number. Then enter distance and select a search criterion. Lastly press go button.


How to transfer funds:

YBOnline Internet Banking - www.Ybonline.co.uk Login - Yorkshire Bank

Internet banking also gives facilities to transfer your money in stipulating period of time. You can transfer your money to your friends and family members via “funds transfer” facility. First select fund payment from the payment menu. You have to set payee information before you make payment in favor of payee. Now, click on new funds transfer and select the account in which you have to transfer your money. After that, check instruction and transfer by clicking on submit button.

How to pay bill:

YBOnline Internet Banking - www.Ybonline.co.uk Login - Yorkshire Bank

Nowadays, no one wants to pay their bills by standing in a queue. So internet banking provides facilities to pay bill within minutes. For that, you have to select bill payment from payment menu. You have to set up the biller account before the payment. Now, click on new bill payment and select account in which you have to pay your bill. After that, enter your payment details and select confirm button.

How to manage Direct debits:

YBOnline Internet Banking - www.Ybonline.co.uk Login - Yorkshire Bank

Today direct debit becomes popular for paying bills directly from the accounts. Internet banking gives you lists and details of direct debits set up and also cancel existing direct debits. For that, you have to select direct debit option from payment menu and it will show all the lists of direct debits. If you want to know more details, then click on originator name. If you want to cancel your direct debit then simple click on cancel button. Once direct debit is cancelled it will not appeared for 13 months.

For more information, visit www.Ybonline.co.uk. Or Call at 0800-783-1314 (Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm)

Head Office

Clydesdale Bank PLC.

Registered Office:

30 St Vincent Place,


G1 2HL

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