Joan Ginther – Luckiest woman won 4 Texas lotto


A 63-year woman, Joan Ginther, of Bishop, Texas, is the luckiest woman in the world as she made her fourth trip to Texas lottery headquarters in Austin on 5th July, 2010. She won her 4th lottery of $10 million from a scratch-off ticket she bought for $50.

Joan Ginther - Luckiest women won 4 Texas lotto

According to reports, since 1993, Joan Ginther has been participating in her home town lottery. Her first win at the Texas Lottery back in 1993 helped her bag $5.4 million, this was probably her inspiration to buy tickets yet again in the year 2006 and 2008. The fourth ticket was purchased this year. It has been reported that Joan Ginther purchased two out of her four lottery tickets from the same shop at Times Market at 525 Highway 77 Bypass in Texas, where she has been living from the time of birth.

In the year 2008, Ginther won $3 million and in 2006 she won $2 million from scratch tickets. In 1993, she scored her first big Lotto payout back, when her Texas Lottery ticket netted her $5.4 million, a half-share from a $10.8 million prize pool. Her latest jackpot makes her total winnings $20.4 million. Her latest win was not only lucky for Ginther, said lottery commission spokesman Bobby Heath. Times Market, which sells about 1,000 tickets daily, is again eligible to receive a bonus of $10,000. “Most of our 16,000 retail stores have never sold a winning ticket,” he said to the Caller Times.


According to ABC News, not much is known about her except that she used to return to visit her father until he died. A neighbor said he thought she had once worked as a university professor in California. She has requested minimal publicity from the Texas Lottery Commission. “This is a very lucky store,” Bob Solis, the manager of Times Store, told the Corpus Christi, Tex.,-based Caller Times as news about the most recent win. The owner said the store sells an average of 1,000 tickets a day. Bobby Heith, of the Texas lottery, said: “We’ve had multiple winners before but she’s obviously been born under a lucky star.”

The owner of the Time Market, Sun Bae, who sold Ginther her last two winning tickets, said she drives around in a bland Nissan sedan but once bought a nicer car for someone down on their luck. Bae said Ginther doesn’t even own a cell phone. Bae said, “She is a very generous woman. She’s helped so many people“. Calculating the actual odds of Ginther hitting four multimillion-dollar lottery jackpots is difficult. According to Sandy Norman and Eduardo Duenez, math professors, Ginther’s winning tickets were the only four she ever bought, the odds would be one-in-eighteen septillion.

Gonzalez said when her elderly father would sit at the store’s window booth and scrub through dollar scratch-offs, Ginther would surprise him with a $50 ream of tickets. “Win, win, win,” Ginther would chant, rooting him on. After all, the only way to win is to keep playing. Ginther is smart enough to know that’s how you beat the odds: she earned her doctorate from Stanford University in 1976 then spent a decade on faculty at several colleges in California.

According to the Texas lottery commission department, the United States of America’s women Miss. Joan Ginther lucky winner demand minimal publicity and still has not given any interviews to media or news papers reporters.

Winning Journey of Joan Ginther :

  • 1993 – She won a $5.4 million share of an $10.8 million Lotto Texas jackpot
  • 2006 – She won the top prize of $2 million in the Holiday Millionaire game from a $30 scratch-off ticket.
  • 2008 – She won $3 million prize in another scratch-off
  • 2010 – She won $10 million from a scratch-off ticket she bought for $50