Payvment start Social Shopping trend with Facebook


Are you a shopaholic? Are you addicted to Facebook? If yes is your answer to both of the above questions then here is the one of the most interesting virtual adventures that you can ever have over the internet. Payvment is one very famous ecommerce application that helps you directly showcase your products all the 50 million people on the social network.

Payvment Facebook Store

The application creates an online mall scenario where in the buyers can contact the sellers on a one on one meeting scenario and make payments for the product of their choice using the secure transactions gateway of the application. If you are a seller you can portray your products on a storefront and the buyers looking for your product may visit your store front and place an order. Hence for both the buyers and sellers the application creates a shopping mall environment where one can buy and the other can sell.


For the sellers the standard plan of the application is absolutely free and the company has promised that it shall remain that way throughout. However there is also an advanced plan with advanced analytics automated promotions and multiple stories which might drain a few grants from your pockets. The sellers need a regular or business PayPal accounts to receive payments from the buyers, there is no requirement of a merchant account for the same which can be easily be achieved using the sign up option on the PayPal website. However if the seller wants to receive a credit card payment then a merchant account becomes a must. If you are a seller you can launch your store front by visiting the official website where you can register as a seller and setup a storefront. You can also quick launch your store onto Facebook by running the Facebook application for payvment from your account.

For the buyers however the usage is exceedingly simple all you need to do for buying a product is that you have to find the item of your choice by clicking on the search button after typing the name of the item and then add the item to your buying cart. To purchase all the items on your cart you just have to double click on the green cart button on the top of the screen. You will need to fill in the correct credentials kike your name, occupation, shipping address in the subsequent screen and make payment using your online PayPal account. If for some reason you want to contact the seller and have a one on one with him all you have to do is to launch the seller information screen and pick contact the seller from there. The seller may find his suitable time to reply to your queries or requests.

SO there it is guys do not forget to enjoy the e-shopping mall experience over Facebook and do not forget to let us know about your about the same in the comments section below.