– Online dating service integrated with Facebook


Social networking has become an important part of the life of today’s man. Be it for keeping contact with friends and family from any where in the world, or forming and maintaining relationships with the loved ones, or even following the activities of people, social networking has got it all to keep you busy and active all day. Facebook and Twitter are one of the most popular social networking networking platforms of today. - Online dating service integrated with Facebook

Everyday, one or the other new feature is added to Facebook. Today we shall discuss about, which is an online dating service and has been integrated with Facebook. Read on for a detailed review.

Advertisement will allow the user to find the real personal and close ones, with whom you want to share those special moments, and on whom you want to show interest in. Thus, this platform will allow the people to meet outside the Facebook world, in the real times. You might be wondering as to why do we need when we have Facebook. The main objective of is to strain your social contacts, thereby segregating people whom you will meet, completely new.

Some of the main reasons which you may think of as to why you will use this tool on Facebook include that you will find only real pictures and real profiles here, compared to other dating sites. There is a possibility of only meeting new people through this tool, and most importantly it is private and discreet. Moreover, filtering out Facebook friends is an added feature, and also the tool works on location based. Finally, the tool wil not post anything on your Facebook account.

The tool has got the feature to browse through people nearby. From this, you may locate people around you whom you may want to meet, and thus establish your personal profile via your Facebook account. This is a new tool and we look forward to know your experience with the tool on Facebook. Go ahead and make new friends or find the right ones for you in real life, forming the real life