Fast Facebook: Access Facebook 2 times faster on Android


Although the world is moving towards 3G and faster  internet accessing technologies , it is not really possible for all the sectors of the society to accept these changes in their lives. Facebook is one of the most sought after social networks in the world today, even people from these sectors have accounts on Facebook and love to live and celebrate their online life. With the Android becoming cheaper the data speeds have come done and hence we get bored of loading the slow Facebook pages on our Android today we are going to talk about an app that shall increase the speed of your Facebook up to three times. This one is called Fast Facebook and is doing rounds in the Android marketplace as an alternative to Facebook for Android.


Not only does the app give you three times faster Facebook speeds it also uses low battery and less memory usage.  There are no hidden processes that run when the app is run and the app is started only when you want and not every time and anytime. The app provides themes and high security level the app does not store your password or your log in credentials, it does not even keeps you logged in even on switching off. This one is compatible with Android version 2.1 and up and the app increases its speeds on the Gingerbread system. The developers are looking for the version of the app that will run on the Android HoneyComb as well.


The app’s home screen is full of fantabulous features, The bar at the top contains the options to send messages, search Facebook for users/pages, view your friends list and explore your Facebook photos/albums. For the app’s background, you can select from a couple of default backgrounds, or use an image from your device’s gallery. The app utilizes the Facebook timeline in the backend which makes it super interesting.

Here are the pros and cons of the app listed:


  • Three times faster speeds
  • Better UI
  • No hidden processes


  • Still in beta version so some functionalities missing

Requires: Android 2.1 and up

File Size: 1.4 MB

Price: Free

Download Link: Fast Facebook

So there it is guys hope you liked the review. The app is available for free in the Android marketplace so you can very well give it ia try. However, do not forget to less us know of your opinions about the same in the comments section below.