How to Read Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from Google Plus?


Want to manage your Facebook, twitter and Linked In Feeds from Google +? Gooce+, a firefox and Google chrome extension can help you for that. Read ahead to know how this wonderful extension works..

Read Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from Google Plus with Gooce chrome extension

It was not very long back that Google decided to screw the social networks around the world with the new bling – thing over the internet which came to be known as Google+, today all the different web utilities over the internet revolve around the Google+ and it has easily become the most happening thing over the internet for the past few months. Though it is one of the most happening social networks in the world right now it has quite not yet occupied the place of the sole runner in the race. Other networks like Facebook and Twitter are still very much in the race and in fact a lot of people in this world right now want to have accounts in all the three social networks simultaneously. However, it is pretty obvious that having profiles over several different social networks will not make you have different thoughts in your mind. Hence people demanded for a tool that would let them monitor the three social networks from a single place.


Today we talk about an extension called the Gooce+ which will give your Google plus account the power to monitor over all the social network from a single place. Gooce Plus, allows a concrete integration of all social networks into one, manageable and usable from a single working environment. Actually the extension is available for browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and it combines all the feeds from the different social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In to your Google Plus Stream. So that you can browse multiple pages and feeds at once and not have to manage them separately.  ‘Gooce’ as the name suggests is a combination of your Google and Facebook feeds. It is meant to optimize the activities on all the social networks so that you can read and post contributions and disseminate materials and links of the three main sites in one location.

The few major features of this extension are listed below:

  • The original layout for Gogole+ is not spoilt and maintained with utmost care.
  • No advertisements
  • The stream links to each of the individual social network is present right beside
  • Automatic sharing to Facebook whenever a share is made on Google+

Apart from the ones listed above the there is a paidservicecalled the Google plus extension search as well using which you can search for Google+ profiles of people for information posted about themselves, including their hobbies, work etc. However this service shall cost you a one time fee of one euro or $1.44. For those that want a slightly different user experience there’s always Start Google Plus with a recently added Linkedin feed option.

So there it is guys that is all we have for you about the new Gooce+ extension for a better social network on your browser do not forget to give it a shot and let us know of your experiences about the same in the comments section below.