SquareHub for Android and iOS – Private social network for your family


Get a complete review of private and fully-functioned social network, “SquareHub” where you can send private messages, post contents, coordinate activities, share photos, manage schedules, arrange events, etc. more privately with families.

Facebook…Twitter…Google Plus….all these are public social networks. However, you can make it private through privacy settings. But if you are a Smartphone user, then you don’t need to fall in this complex matter because now you can create private social network for your family through “SquareHub”, a new application for both android and iOS devices. It is loaded with many useful features that help families stay in touch with each other. Now, you can send private messages, post contents, coordinate activities, share photos, manage schedules, arrange events and share those spontaneous moments of joy with the people who matter most to you simply and easily through single application. SquareHub is a more private, family-orientated online space, so it’s really great app for those who are using facebook and twitter only for family contacts. It is safe social networking service for kids and teenagers.

Family sharing social network

SquareHub is a free mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Android based smartphones and tablets that make coordination and communication easier and quicker. It keeps personal information private and allows all family members to send instant private messages and photos. Parents can manage activities and kids can call for pickup or tell parents privately when they will come home. It has reduced inconveniences of texting, phone calls and emails with single app. Families with active teenagers, professional parents, divorced parents, and military families will definitely appreciate its privacy protection and efficiency. Now, you don’t need to think about how to share personal details, because here you can share it easily and privately with others.


The app offers huge number of innovative and useful features. Here, you can create to-do events, a bucket-list of things for the family to do, a memory box, photo gallery, etc. It comes with very smooth, responsive and clean interface. It is available with some privacy settings. One can manage family group. Moreover, each member requires family name log in id and password. With SquareHub, you can get your family details off of Facebook and out of your inbox.

The concept behind SquareHub Family Sharing is so simple. You just need to download and install it on your Smartphone first. As soon as you install it, it will ask user ID and password that you can create through registration process. Once you login or register on the site, individual families can share chosen photos, events, and location details with all family members and close family friends.

SquareHub selects friends and family not from your SquareHub network, but from your Smartphone address book to share photos, event, or conversation. So that selected family members will receive the selected photos or messages via email. You can see all email replies in the family’s SquareHub feed. Your family members and friends can continue the conversation via application or email.

There are number of sharing applications available in the market, but SquareHub is more than sharing as it allows users to make conversation too. It’s really perfect application for kids to stay in touch with Grandma and Grandpa. Now, you can capture a photo of your favorite game and send it just to the people who matter you the most. Shared items cannot be accessed by all members of SquareHub network. Email feature is vital part of application, by which you can send mail to a selected group outside the family’s SquareHub network. You can send any type of message in SquareHub like Event to organize a kid’s birthday party or sleepover, send a message to help organize a pick up or drop off location, send out To Do’s to organize a neighborhood block party, or simply send a group message to friends to find out a restaurant to visit.

The application also gives family star chart for giving and receiving rewards. Memory box is one of the best features of application, where you can keep your special message and photo secretly and look back on them whenever you want. It sends messengers, reminders and notification through text, email or in the app, so even family member who are not using application or have no smart device can keep in the loop and participate. It gives you permission to control the recipients to keep conversation private.

The family that plays together can stay together using SquareHub’s “Family Bucket List,” feature. Here, they can store lists and links to restaurants they would like to visit, movies they want to see, and activities that would like to do together. Anyone can comment and get updates on their shared tasks and events. The app also gives fun drawing tools and stickers to enhance photo, and star chart for giving and receiving rewards.


  • Nicely designed
  • Full of useful features
  • Great tutorial
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative
  • Good privacy


  • Not always responsive – this should easily be ironed out with updates.

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