Woozworld WoozIn – A Facebook made for kids and teens


WoozIn –  a social networking service for kids from Woozworld:

Are you one of those parents who is really tensed about the influence of social media sites like Facebook on your kids or the young ones on your family? DO you always feel frightened when your young one opens the computer and logs in to his favorite site Facebook? Are you afraid that he might come across something that he ought not to? If your answers to all these questions is a yes then this is a must read for you. Today we are going to review a social network that has been designed especially for the teens, the teens and the little ones in your family. Woozworld has launched a clean social network with an array of features for your kids called the WoozIn which as they quote it social network for the kids.

Woozworld WoozIn - A Social Networking for kids and teens

Woozworld for those of you who do not know is a virtual world maker for the kids and the new social network WoozIn is essentially a Facebook-late virtual world mash-up that allows prepubescent youth to share, comment and like their friends’ updates, pictures, videos and more, while also meeting the protections dictated by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The Woozworld has amazing graphics and the whole atmosphere has been designed as if you were playing a strategy game over internet. The world is so real that you can add a friend, Friend him and Comment on him on WoozIn world.


The virtual world maker made $6 million this summer from its creation and also has the former V pod Disney sitting in the start-up board. Woozworld now has over 15 million unique visitors per month from over 180 countries. The users have created over 8 million avatars and 16 million virtual spaces, and play for an average of 50 minutes per day. (How is that for some scary stats Mark Z?). With the WoozIn utility now being added to the virtual word the users can create a virtual identity that will help them connect with other online users showing them your achievements and your virtual spaces.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Woozworld users get the power to create businesses or set up restaurants, hotels and games as they choose. They just not don’t post actual photos, however they do post pictures of their avatar and the things they’ve built. However they do get the taste of social networking through posts to their “WallZ” as well as messages from their “FriendZ” about the hot “TopicZ” of the day. However, these hot TopicZ are selected by the company itself keeping the COPPA in mind, to keep things tween-friendly. With parental permission, however, users can post YouTube videos to their walls, which could provide a loophole for more personal sharing.

The company had a beta version of the social networking site hosted over the internet previously, but the company has now decided to roll out the full version at www.woozworld.com on the Tuesday.

WoozWorld WoozIn tour Video: