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Christmas time has been made more cheerful by Comedienne Ellen Degeneres for one out-of-work fan – by donating $10,000 and a new car to help her struggling family during the holiday season. Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways for Holidays is started officially.

Screenshot of giveaway | The Ellen DeGeneres Giveaway

The prizes are also just amazing. Some fun giveaway and shopping are better ways to get in the holiday spirit. Users have lots of chances to win the sweepstakes. If you want to participate and need to navigate to the Ellen website, sign up in the form at the bottom of the page.


The contest is open only for US residents. Some very cool gifts will be given away by Ellen each day to her studio audience and to highlight the hottest picks for this year Ellen has been partnered by the Bing team. New items also will be chosen by Ellen every day until December 18th.

Kristin Meldahl, from the Bing team told that they hope for those of them not lucky enough to be in Ellen’s audience that bringing you deals on her favorite products can be the next best thing.”

To Enter Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways, go to A web page contains the registration form, enter your information, and submit it. You may be selected randomly drawing for the Prize from among all eligible entries received. One entry per person/family/household is allowed. See here the official rules.

  • James Hiltbrand

    The world needs more caring people llike you.

  • angie

    hi my name is angie and im16.i have a sister and brother who are 15 &13. i would love to see my mother win the give away,see we lost my dad this year and i know it will be hard for her and us. he was only39, our christmas has always been nice but this year we will be missing one true love,they have always givein us nice things but for once as we get older it would be nice to see her get something back. we cant get her nice things but we give her lots of love.i know love is #1 but she cant open that on christmas if you could please just a little something from your show would be GREAT,
    thanks sooo much
    angie form bay st louis ,MS

  • Bibi Lynn Druck

    Sent you a comment and forgor to congratulate you on “O” magazine. It is fabulous.

  • Ellen, come on! I want to win!!! I have been trying to win for a long time.
    I would love to win the gifts so I could share with our grandaughter and our two great grandson’s.
    Might even give some to my friends, and maybe be as popular, well a little, as you! ha ha
    Call me: 360 378 2456, would be a hoot to hear from you.
    My husband and I are on a fixed income, and this would be great to share.
    I do watch you show every day and you crack me up with your little smirk looks and the laughter in the studio comes right thru the tv the viewing audience. You are loved.

    Your best buddy,
    DonnaRae Caldwell

  • crap this thing just erased everything i said.anyway merry chirismas & i hope you have a good one

  • Dot

    I watch your show every day. Your an angel on this earth, you are the highlight of my day you make me laugh and cry. Have a Merry Christmas and a Bless New Year.

  • Mary Vincent

    I love you show! I’m retired for 10months now, so I get to watch everyday. I could truely us the 12 days of give aways this year. Also if you give away any of tha ROVER books I would love it. As a retired gal I want to start volenteering at our local animal shelter. Maybe even foster dogs if I can talk my hubby into it, That shouldn’t be hard because he is also a real animal lover. WILL this e-mail also include me in the 12 days of giveaways? I’m not sure if I’m at the correct address. Your the best in the business Ellen. Mary Vincent Thank You & God Bless

  • dear ellen my name is diana, i watch your show everyday ,i thank you are the angel we all need .ive lost mt father on december 29th, and its very hard for me and my family knowing christmas is here in 8 days .but most of all i wish my mother could really injoy herself .she is haveing a hard time because the 29th is coming up fast it will be a year my dads been gone we miss him verymuch.but if my mother was able to have a nice christmas this year,i would really love that i dont have money to buy her nice gifts,but i geve her all my love and ill always be by herside i love my mother and i know you understand me bc you love your mother verymuch. well ellen you have a merry christmas and a very happy new year. i love you diana

  • ellen lagenour

    u go gurl. havent been able to watch you “every”day.. but try… anyway i think you are halarious.. and sentimental all at the same time.

  • Gloria Williams

    I would like to enter the home give away.

  • Gloria Williams

    It really would be joyful for me to win the home giveable. I love your show, and I think your halarious. I really would like to win some of the things that your giving away for your christmas program. I am an Home Baker, and I would like to win bakeing equipment, and other things.

    Love Gloria Williams…

  • Don’t expect to win anything but just want to thank you for making my wife & I start the day off with a smile and good feelings for what you do for people.We are retired and married for over 57 years.Years ago I would have to compete with herto watch a show that I liked (Mike & Mike) & your show.As usual she won and so I ended up watching “Ellen”.I don’t want to admit to her that she was right.But thanks again fora show that starts our day off with a good feeling.


  • Ty Little

    Hey Ellen,
    I have watched you for years, and I am always cheered up when your on. I admire you so much for bringing your life struggles out to the public. I myself, am a transgendered male, 55 years old and finally feel good about myself. I just got this, my first computer, and am teaching myself how to use it. You waited till recently to learn some of this new technologies so I decided to give it a shot. It’s never too late! If your cash machine is ever near Leesburg Fl., I would love to play. Your friend forever,Ty

  • maybell

    We watch you everday you crack us here in the mountains. We just had a big snow hope to see you one day when I become rich. I love to watch you dance I love to dance to but not as good as you I lost my mother last year but it feels like I just lost her today christmas just is not the same my husband is sick I hope we have a better year next year without in snow . Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

  • Crissy E,

    Why isnt the ellen give away only for people in the Us. ?
    Canadian Residents have supported this show alsoo .. :(

  • hi ellen you have a great show i watch it everyday keep up the good work wish you well with your back problem wish all is well james caponera

  • robert

    I can’t tell you how much my wife and I enjoy your show, all and all we love it and love you as well.
    You are a breath of fresh air to both of us or at least for me as i find you funny, generous and a positive individual.
    I am glad that we now can participate in your ongoing contest thanks to the individual from Toronto who enlighted you to us not being able to in the past. So the answer to the square root of 64 is 8….Love ya A and keep dancing Rob & Gwen Katrenicz form Victoria BC.

  • Chantal Krohnert


    Just to say thank you for another wonderful show. I wrote you last week but this will become my daily task. My name is Chantal Krohnert. I live in Cape Town SOUTH AFRICa and my dream is to come and visit your show. However due to the recession, (and the pile of debt due to some bad business decisions) I dont think that it will happen soon but I am believing and trusting the universe to bring good vibes to me.

    You are truly a great person who uplifts people no matter where thay live (this is eveident from all you emails and your show). Here is SA we are about two months behind but i honestly can’t wait for you show daily. I record it when I am not at home. I am currently on maternity leave and will return to work in Feb 2010. But I def will be recording your shows as it is my daily “bread”

    keep up the great work and once again, Thanks for making us laugh.

    Cheers from Sunny CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA

  • i would love to go to the super bowl my birthday is jan 27 aday after yours it would be the best present ever love your biggest fan

  • super bowl

  • Hi Ellen; You probably here this a lot,but here goes I need your help. I need to help my Daughter get on her feet . She has a Horse farm and is a riding instructor. She also has 3 dogs and 4 cats as of last count.I have been helping her for the last few years but do to health reasons ,I had to stop working until I have an operation. I can’t have the operation until July of 2010 because of other factors. I use to work 104 hrs. until last year and I reduced this to 56 hrs., because I never get to see my 6 children and my 10 grandchildren and I’m not as young as I use to be. I’m 69 and will be 70 this year. I was in good health until Dec. of 2009 and all hell broke loose. If you could find a waqy to help I would be eternaly greatful to you and as soon as I’m back in th groove I will pay you back. I watch you everyday and enjoy every minute of your show,because you make my day. Please call me so I can explain more to you.
    Sincerely Carolann


  • Signed: Help in South Carolina March 10, 2010

    Hi Ellen iam still holding on to hope. My name is Pamela and i am a 36 yr. old single mother of one son and an adoptive parent of an 14mth old baby girl. Thank you for opening your heart to help the ones who can’t seem to find their way. Well today I was given a summons from my mortgage company stating that iam going to lose my home and more lawyers fees on top of that. Ellen i am about 16,000.00 behind on my mortgage i fell on bad times that hurt oh to much with no job single no other help where do i turn from here. Iam reaching out for your help please. I don’t want to lose my home like this. I can’t even get the mortgage company to look into giving me a loan modification, i am on a fixed income and have no job Why can’t i qualify for this program ? I need some emergency funds right away…Time is not on my side. I don’t have transportation but that i am not worrying about right now the only thing on my mind is determining to save my home. Please help me please open your heart to my family needs and stimulize our life by helping us keep our home. I love you Ellen even if i don’t receive help still you’re my number one talk show host of all times. Thank you for being that voice for the ones like me who doesn’t have a say so in the world and can’t control things that coming at you back to back with no help. I sincerely open my heart and ask as humble as i know how. Please help me save my home right away I have nothing left to offer anyone but my child and thats my home. Please help me save my home, i don’t know where to turn to from here but, i still have faith and i am determining thet there is someone out there who can help my situation, Even good or bad. I am not giving up, i can’t give up everything is worth a try. I am reaching out to you for your help Ellen, where do i go from here? who do i turn to from here? If i coulod only get my mortgage caught up and refinance my home at a lower fixed rate i could see my way through this difficult time. But theres no who is even trying to here my problems if the mortgage company could just work with me . I can’t expect to pay a 800.00 mortgage on a fixed income. I am not able to work due to my health, i am a dialysis patient who is seeking and waiting on a kidney transplant soon. I’ve been on hemodialysis for 11 years and i am still fitghting this battle giving it all i have but sometimes i feel like giving up and throwing in the towel and call it quits. Then i realize that i have a child depending on me to support them and give them a place to call home forever. If i could work this situation out for the better, than i hope that i could start from here to catch up my mortgage and never fall behind again no matter what. I am sincerely asking for your help through all this. Where else do i turn from here? Who else do i turn too? Please Ellen give me some relief to help me keep my home, sincerely and thankful i thank you for being that ear to listen when no one else does. Theres still hope i believe, some how but where ? Please if you could look into your heart to help me and my child save our home i greatly thank you and may heaven smile upon you for all your great and loving deeds to mankind , and just being able to help someone makes life more simple and worth the wait , that i am holding on to because theres nothing or no one else for me to turn too for this kind of help Ellen. So [please Ellen open your heart and seek out this single unemployed mother who is still holding on for a breakthrough trying to save everything with nothing to offer but hope and thats what i am holding on to “Hope” and your Help “Ellen”. Thank you for caring and may you be blessed for all the great things that you do for others who depend on your help through times like this.

    May Heaven Smile Upon You, Ellen….. Thank youfor caring and supporting the ones like me who need your help. As humble as i know how i ask for your help and your time to turn this situation around for the best. Still , theres hope i believe somewhere………………………

    South Carolina calling for help
    Pamela McELveen 3/10/2010

  • As huimble as i know how i thank you and may heaven smile upon you. From this single parent who needs your help in Gable, South Carolina. Determining to here from you real soon “Ellen” , i am anticipating your response in making my life a little bright. With me being behind on m y mortgagte and unemployed where do i go from here? Signed help from South Carolina……….
    Please feel free to contact me anytime at home @ (843) 659-3972 or my cell @ (843)5987089
    Thank you May Heaven Smile Upon You Always.

    Pamela McElveen
    3153 Farmington Road Gable, South Carolina, 29051 be blessed

  • tammy singleton

    hay ellen
    my name is tammy ,I love watching your show it is sunshine when it is raining. i would like to register for your 12 days of CHRISTMAS son is 18 and a senior at loris high school he is on intermitted home bound,due to chrones disease and several other ailments. he wants an i pad but we cannot afford it. my husband is in construction and work has been really slow. he is trying to get on at a plant in charleston fipe fitting and when he does we will be very fortunate. i am 42 and eat up with arthritis and fibermagia so i cannot help. thamks for all you do. you will have many stars in your crown when younget to heaven.any thing you can do will be greatly appreciated. thank you God bless you from the singletons and the longs

  • walter

    dear ellen,

    Try and watch your show each day it humble s my heart thank you Ellen for your love, truth you are the best of all the rest.

  • Gloria Burnside

    Dear Ellen,
    I know alot of people write you wanting your giveaways and help, so you probably won’t even see this one. I would love to win the house or a vehicle to drive my two babies(dogs, sissy and bubbie) around, I live in a little bitty one bedroom with a 10 by 20 yard, and they have really no where to run, but they love to ride in the car, I have alot of pictures of them, I’ve had 4 daughters, which are grown, my youngest daughter I lost in 2001 to suicide, she was 19, which changed me forever, I love all my girls with all my heart, and she took a big piece with her. My two dogs are what really keeps me going because I know they love me unconditionally, and they need me, I don’t have money, I live on 674 dollars a month, I get food stamps, and I have some health problems, but my babies need me, I feed them a plate of food everynight, they are very spoiled, but not to material things, I’m so scared that if something happens to me, there isn’t going to be anyone to take care of them like I do, I got them from the humane society. But I guess what I’m trying to say is, If I can get my name at least in the giveaways, maybe, just maybe I could win something that would benefit my babies, I have grandkids too, seven, which I love with all my heart, but I don’t have the room for them to come and stay all night, or a car to take them some where. Whether you get this or not, I’ve said since you started your talk show in 2003, that you are one of the most caring people I’ve ever seen, and your not phoney, I can watch your show and actually laugh, your one of the funniest women thats ever been on tv, and it just comes natural to you, at least it looks like that! This comes from the bottom of my heart, its not to get my name in a giveaway, this is how I truly feel. I know I most likely won’t win anything, but I thought you ought to know how alot of peope feel about you without you giving them something, so many people loves you, including me, for the person you are, You are the most giving person I think on T’V, and your so caring, people in your stamina are usually not like that, but you are, So, I would love my name put in the giveaways, but I also wanted to let you know how I felt, and so many other people that also does but doesn’t or arent able to let you know. Keep up the good work, you have a heart like mine, and thats a good thing!! I really don’t look forward to anything anymore so I’m really not expecting a response to this, but I wish I had the money and backing to do the things for people like you do, because I’d be the same way. So, God Bless you, and you keep up the good work, no matter what you do, you will succeed!!! Please put me in your giveaways, but if you don’t, I still feel the same way about you, yes I would love to win something, not a trip, because my babies wouldn’t be able to go with me, but anything else, and if you don’t, I would understand there are more needing people, So, I love you Ellen, I love you on Idol too, another one of my favorite shows!!!! your honest on that show too, May you have happiness always in your life, and keep on being the funny, caring person that you are.
    Glora Burnside
    19 n. clay st.
    Mooresville, In. 46158

  • jeanie travis

    Hello Ellen,
    I am in need of some information from you. I am unemployed, and collectiong unemployment. I have no health insurance and now my back and my legs are in need of some attention. I can not afford to go in the hospital because my unemployment benefits will end because when you are collecting unemployement benefits you have to be available for work. If my benefits end i can not afford to pay my morgage. I am a person in pain and can not afford to do anything about it. I am at my breaking point. The Dr. tells me i may have a slipped disk or a pinched nerve. I just do the best i can and take the bitter with the sweet. I just finished my CNA (certified nurses assistant) classes and now i have to take my state board exam, but what good will that do me if my back is hurting. Nursing is a wonderful field to be in but i will have to be on my feet a lot and my back is only going to get worse without treatment. If you have any advice for me i would really like to hear from you. Thank you for lending a ear, keep doing good things for people of the world.
    Jeanie Travis
    2884 wilderness trace
    Claremont nc. 28610

  • julie vachon

    hi ellen,
    i’m writing for my neice cassy.she has two children and was just diagnosed with cervical cancer it is stage 4 she is very ill my sister-in law is with her.her husband is working but they are struggling to keep all the bills paid . cassy is not able to work.i’m praying for her recovery, all of her family are doing what we can times are rough here in michigan i was praying for hey may give away.
    i watch ellen everyday and love her show and all the fun she brings to her fans.

  • Jerry Collins

    Hi Ellen my name is Jerry and just wanted to know if you would just give me something anything I have never won anything Call Me Thank You [email protected],com

  • rHONDA cOX

    Dear Ellen, I watch your show everyday and you are hilarious.I have a problem so I’m turning to you.I sm 46 yyrs. old and have a problem.J have 2 children ages 26 and 29.My 29 yr. old son, Derrick, was just released from drug rehab and seems to being good.My 26 yr. old is in jail as we speak.Tara,26,will be released on june 30th.They both are wanting to come home with me to work on their sobriety.I;m here for them and will do anything to help stayjng sober.I’ve been battling this since they were 13 yrs. old.Ihave a grandson,Graden,by my daughter.He already lives with me and pretty much has since birth.I live in a 1 bedroom apt. that’s government assisted.I am disabled and only recieve 819.00 per month.I am really need of 3 bedrooms desperatly! The goverment will not allow them to live with me and we have no place to go or nobody to turn to.It’s been a long time coming and now I have no home for them.I’ve tried to be the best mom I could.Their dad has bever been a part of their lives since we divorced in 1989.I’ve played both roles and now I want to provide a home for us all to be together and help to maintain where we are now.I guess what I’m saylng is I need a place to live for all of us.I hope you can help me in some way.Ellen,I know there is help out there and maybe just maybe you’ll have the resoources to lead me in the right direction.Thank you for hearing me out and thank you for caring about people.I know you will do your best to help my family!I finally got my family back together clean and sober,but nowhere to lay our heads.Thank youi so much.

  • Connie DiPietrantonio (D Pete tran tonio)

    Hello again Ellen
    I wrote you a letter yesterday and it was here up until about 15 min. ago. Maybe it was too long and it got deleted? I am just curious what happen to it. I love your show and can’t wait to watch it today even though it is a rerun. Please let me know what happen to my original Comment. Thank you and God Bless
    Love to you both
    Connie DiPietrantonio

  • sue buhr

    Ellen, Hi.You dont know me but if you did we would get along great. Im going through tought times too. arent we all. (almost all) Im a divorced and widowed 43 yr old trying to make a new start. My credit sucks, trying to get a place to live because of the VERY verbal abusive soon to be xboyfriend I adopted my daughter 16 years ago and it was her dad that passed 5 yrs. ago. I have no car, no hopes of financially gettingone. I am on ssi due to 3herniated disc (upper) degenerative discs… cracked lower back and walking doesits toll. Im at my sisters now waiting on approval of an appt. which already denied me 1 x. but Im trying again. Im getting sect.8 to help . my duughter now is in Schenectady,ny w bialogic mom. (which is my…sister I sawmy daughter 2 days agoafter 5 years. She had alot of anger towards my but now wants to see me. I cant get to her or even send for her. My income is 780.00 a month. I dont ask for help and feel like a shmoooo doing so now. If you want to call me or write you can reach me at585-377-8050 585-789-7331 585-200-0670. my sisters addressis 4395 nine mile point road fairport,ny 14450.shes in the hospital so im taking care of kids and animals. plus I get away from that idiot so i can try and get a place. I dont even have security deposit. How do you save $ when thats what im to live on. If you can help me some how Ellen I will forever be in your dept. I love you and your show. Sincerely, Susan Buhr

  • sara mickler

    dear,ellen i like your show very much!!!!! MY name is SARA mickler, i am single praent .I have two daugther and my sister live with us too. l daugther helen is 9 year old diagnosis with transvers myelitis in may 8,2010. She is in a wheelchair she cannot walk She give out of the hospital june 29 ,2010. then she had to go to day rehabilition monday -friday to give stronger in you her arms i need help getting a happicap van with ramp on it i am on low income. i number is 770 572 8950

  • sandra negendank

    dear ellen I LOVE YOUR SHOW you make me feel better after i watch your show every day. i know everyone is haveing bad times and wants you to help. so i thought i would give it a try. my husband got hurt at work hes on disable disabilty. we had a 401k but not any more. our basement wall shifted. and it took all of his retirement 401k. its sad he worked so hard to save for retirment. plus we are allmost in forcloser of our house. i hope you can help us. love sandy

  • Cathrine

    dear ellen i love u sooo much i wish to come to one of your show but i am stock in this nigeria i hope you reply this letter bye love u

  • jean shubert

    Need to find where to nominate “teachers” as flashed on the tv screen. My family is full of them and bless their hearts they are suffering. I couldn’t find the section. Thank you

  • Jill Marinaro

    Hi Ellen, I would first like to say that I hope you and yours are in good health. I am writing to you because I would like to apply to win the giveaway. I have been working for 35 years for a Insurance company so with that said you must know I don’t make alot of money. I have worked 2 and 3 jobs, my son is unemployed and lives with me. We have 1 car that is about to go. My house is falling apart and have problems like everyone else . I help my sister with her 3 kids when I can.And anyone else that is in need. ( If I can). THE reason I would like to win is because my parents will be married 65 years in january and in bad health.My dad is 88 and my mom is 83. I would like to have my brother in California and my sister and her family in NY to come down here to florida, So we can have a Great anniversary for my parents. They gave us everything they could and since they do not go anywhere but the doctors and shopping for food, I would like to honor them . But if not, we still love you anyway from Johnny Carson , to your mullet to now. Have a great day .

  • ellenkoonce

    greeting from new bern nc. my is ellen to. ihav sent 4 letters to your show and i call every day for 10 months ineed your help i dont no where to turn i lost my job last year. and the bills are comeing in i slept in the dark for a whole month with no help no food no water my car put me down . warefare wont help me because i am not disable. so all of you out there that is going through there is someone going through just as worse. my prayers are with you all. please forgive the mistakes in this iam just learning to use a cump. i love you ellen big fan of yours. may god bless you in everything you set out to do. sign ellen.

  • tina burrow

    hello im from huntsville tx i watch your show every day. i sent a letter while back to you with a picture of my kallie koe cat name kallie; i use my exs las name burrow; we jus move to new appartments here in huntsville tx rent so high exspence now days. my man of my life wrks for t.d.c.j. for the prison gaurd. tough job; we barely make it each mnth. i hardly ask any thing from any one, i love your show im a huge fan; right now my cell phone broke; it rings i get messages i cant talk on it i cant texts. so my number change; i have to wait till the first of the month get new cell phone; i cant even get my teenanger new uniforms polo kiakeis pants for his juinor year we jus havin it so rough; you have such a huge heart help; dont know what to do any more; we love to be on your show; no money; i never been out of texas; please help us

  • toni

    I just wrote a whole letter and it got lost and I am soooo upset w/your website. I was watching your show as I do everyday (Michelle Obana was your guest) and on the tv it said “go to for a chance to win a car” and so I did, boy it was just advertising for a walmart debit card and I had to fill out all this stuff, which I really did not want to do…and i was so excited since I really need car…toni

  • Ron Etter

    Hi Ellen, Love your show I am 55 and never had a new car ,For one reason or another , I have my 14 year old daughter here at home I have been a single father more than once. Im now collecting SSI which verly gets us by but we survive and my daughter is a very special daughter pretty, smart and hilarous!! We are best friends and I love her so much. I wish I could have a new car so I could get around better to take her places and pick up her friends for once for all of her freinds parents pick Tasha up. I have a multiples illnesses but we survive day to day. I know that there is people out there that are worse off than us but I thought I would give it a shot. She has older brothers who do not live here now. Anyway if not the car mabey help with Christmas. She is a very good person does great in school and never ask me for more than I can produce. Thanks for being who you are you havent about us normal people, whatever normal is. You cheer us up my daughter thinks you are the best .Lots of love Ron and Natasha Etter

  • Mary Johnson

    Dear Ellen, Just a quick thanks for making my day for an hour. I recently got out of a bad relationship and look forward to your show for some laughs.

  • Kimberly Crockford

    Hi ! Ellen. I’m out & proud Like U & am so glad U did a tribute to Tyler & all the ones we’ve lost not only this month but over our lifetimes, I’m 53 yrs old & have had enough of the Homophobes & bullying, I went thru that all through High School. He jumped off the GW BRIDGE where I live & it’s been lit up purple since then for all to know there is hope out there. I am now pemanently disabled from degenerative spine disorder & because I live on housing now for daisabled people my daughter is homeless @ 22 yrs. old ’cause U R not allowed to have anyone live with U over 18 in Housing if they’re not in school. She went to college & Can’t get a job Nowhere ? If I had a car it could help me w/ getting to doctors & supermarkets, ’cause I can’t walk & carry the groceries, & my daughter could be in the car off the Streets & use it to look further away for a job. & The peace of mind I’d have knowing she wasn’t on the Sts. would ease my So worried mind of not knowing where she is & if she’s cold or hungry, She could Be in the car outside my door & come in here to eat & bathe, &Talk to me, So she’s not so scared & alone ! You are the greatest female comedian in our country & you have had enough pain of your own to deal with, I’m so glad You picked yourself up & stood strong & Look @ what U have now. Congratulations for not letting this country keep you down, You’ve danced UR way into all of America”s Hearts & all your Emmys prove that to you.Thank You for standing up for our community!! You have changed so many lifes & brought so much love & laughter to us all, Thank You for being so kind & giving, You are now so trully blessed & deserve all the best of everything. Thank You for the million laughs !!! I am Kimberly Crockford, my daughter is Kayla, My # is (201)941-6575 I live @ 232 Lincoln Ave. Apt # 6 Rear Cliffside Pk., NJ. 07010, I hope to hear from you even if it’s just w/ a suggestion to help Kayla.& Get her off the Streets. Have a Wonderful Holiday Season. U Rocked Poofy Today, lol

  • rori-jo oullette

    Hi ellen Just wanted to said me and my sister love your show and to said you have the best job and your a awesome person thank you for everything you do for people . your the best .

  • Linda Smolik

    How do you sign up for giveaways? I have been trying for a couple of weeks but if I click on the world where you put your information it won’t let me. is it too late to do it?



  • Jody Boyadjieff

    My daughter and i really enjoy your show,its nice to have a good laugh after a stressful day.We would love to win a car,because ours is junk…….ps you ROCK

  • Peggy Reiley

    Hi Ellen. My name is Peggy and I watch your show any day I can. I used to just watch when I had a day off work, but now most days I can since I was laid off in March 2009. I worked over 22 years before I was laid off and made decent money. I really felt like I contributed to the family. I am currently looking for work. My husband and I don’t live fancy, but we have what we need and we try to help our two adult children get their lives started. He is still working for which I am very grateful. Also he helped take care of his elderly parents before they passed this year. He has always taken care of our family and I wanted to do something for him. He has been a hands on dad whether playing with the kids or helping fix their cars. I want to enter in the contest for the new car. My husband has been working on our daughter’s old car for a few weeks. We gave her my car so she wouldn’t get stranded or broke down on her way to work. My husband doesn’t complain and is easy going. I know there are more people worse off than we are, but I wanted to enter for him.

  • Aletha McArthur

    Dear, Ellen i watch your show everyday i wish i could express to you in person how much joy you bring into my life,me and my twins have been through alot in the last a 31yr old woman who suffers from caridomyapathy.Life has been so diffcult for us but i refuse to let it tear us down. Ellen if possibile i would love to meet you please make my dream come true,once again thank you for the joy u bring into me and my family lives.My name is Aletha McArthur ,my adress is 12200 hertiage park rd.apt.122b Oklahoma city,Ok 73120 phone number is (405)752-2813 or (405)219-4448.

  • Phyllis L. Berg

    Hi Ellen,
    You are hilarious. Love your show and your generosity. I’m 80 years old and have to work two part time jobs to keep my head above water. I own a 93 Buick that has about had it, always demanding repair. One more problem and I will need to quit my one job in Corpus Christi that I drive 90 miles a day. Aside from all the problems, I am very healthy for which I am so thankful. I have never won anything in my life and it would be a miracle to me if I would receive a gift. Keep up your wonderful energy and good humor and dancing which really makes my day when I can get time to watch you.

  • Gail

    Dear Ellen 2010 has been the worst year I have ever had. My hours at work kept being cut back.,In July my daughter committed suicide over her husband leaving her. Then two weeks later I was laid off totally from my job. Due to timeloss from work and cutbacks, we have fallen behind on our mortgage. We only have a few years and our home will be paid off so losing it would be a terrible tradgedy for my husband and I. If I lose my home I won’t have a prayer of retiring. I am now 59 y/o and do not have a lot of time to “catch up”
    With my daughter gone, we are facing a bleak Christmas without her. I have seen the wonderful
    way that you have helped others and was hoping you could help us make up the 3 house payments. I have since been rehired at my job, but the Mortgage Co. wants me to get these caught up and am also facing lots of fees, late charges, etc. I am really very scared I am going to lose my home. Thanks for all that you do to help others. I work graveyard shift and am just getting out of bed about the time your show comes on and I always watch while I have my coffee and wake up. I also love what you do to help animals, as I am an advocate for animals and the love, care and respect they deserve. Gail Washington State

  • Charlotte Gamroth

    This would be a dream come true.. I absolutely love you and your show.. and to be a part of it would be unforgettable..