Ferguson Dream Kitchen Makeover Giveaway from Ferguson.com


Now, Ferguson comes with new offer for women. Ferguson Dream Kitchen Giveaway provides a golden chance to win a $75,000 Kitchen Makeover. To get membership, go to the website Www.Ferguson.com and enter your email address and press on “continue” button, then fill registration form and submit it. Ferguson is the industry’s second largest distributor of pipes, valves and fittings, waterworks, and heating and cooling equipment in North America. In 1953, Ferguson was founded with $150,000 starting capital and two locations. Ferguson Dream Kitchen Giveaway sweepstakes period has already been started and will be end on May 17, 2010. Below the full information of giveaway is given.

Screenshot of Ferguson Website
Www.Ferguson.com - Ferguson Dream Kitchen Giveaway

Eligibility: The Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 years of age or older at time of entry, and who are homeowners with rights to renovate the kitchen in the home in which they reside.

In order to be eligible to win grand prize, entrant must live within 100 miles of a Ferguson showroom. List of showrooms can be found on Ferguson.com website.

Timing: Ferguson Dream Kitchen Giveaway begins at 12:01 am Eastern Time on February 19, 2010 and ends at 11:59 pm ET on May 17, 2010.

How to Enter Ferguson Dream Kitchen Giveaway: During the Sweepstakes Period, log on to www.Ferguson.com and click on the icon for the Ferguson Dream Kitchen Giveaway and follow the on-screen entry instructions to complete and submit an online entry form.

Limit: Limit 1 entry per e-mail address and per person per day.

Prizes: 1 Grand Prize: A Kitchen Makeover consisting of the following: KitchenAid® Architect® Series II suite of appliances, including a Refrigerator/freezer, Dishwasher, Wine cooler, Double oven, Cooktop, Microwave; Kitchen cabinets; Kitchen faucet; Kitchen sink; Garbage disposal; Lighting; Wall tile; Countertops; Professional kitchen design service; and services of licensed contractors to complete dismantling of existing kitchen and installation of new kitchen components described above. Kitchen remodel limited to existing kitchen footprint. Total value of products and services cannot exceed $75,000. Maximum ARV of Grand Prize is $75,000.

Winners: For the winner list of Ferguson Dream Kitchen Giveaway, available after June 21, 2010, you have to send a self-addressed, stamped (#10) envelope to:

Ferguson Dream Kitchen Giveaway – Winner’s Name,
P.O. Box 329, Elmhurst,
IL 60126.

Requests received after May 21, 2010 will not be honored.

Ferguson Dream Kitchen Giveaway Official Rules are given at Ferguson Website.

Www.Ferguson.com Dream Kitchen Giveaway Entry Form is available at ferguson.promotions.com.

  • Judith Engelken

    How do I enter sweepstakes?

  • DICK


  • garnett thompson


  • terri

    cant enter the sweeps with the continue button – goes to a jpeg shot only

  • Hello,
    I was not able to enter Ferguson Dream Kitchen Giveaway like the other folks above.

    Please let me when you have corrected the problem. Thanks!

  • the dream kitchen giveway is impossible to enter for, so nobody will win, unless it is someone you no. If this is true that is truly wrong.

  • Bob Merrill

    I am not able to enter your contest on the web site

  • I am unable to enter contest on the web site

  • Julie

    What kind of baloney is this??? Can’t get to the contest part as it won’t even allow one to put in their email address to start the process.



  • Gladys Haynes

    I tried to enter your contest, it will not let me even enter my e-mail address! Is this some sort of a scam to get peoples e-mails???????? DONT USE MY E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN TO ENTER THE FREE DREAM KITCHEN CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL YOU SHOULD ENTER US AUTOMATICLY AS IT WAS NO FALT OF OURS…

  • Debra Amszynski

    I would like to be entered in the kitchen giveaway please

  • i have allready sinded up for the dream kitchenmakeover would like to sign up agine can you take me to that site thank you

  • please tell me where i can sign up for the dream kitchen makeover thank you

  • Hey, why you all are confused how to enter the Dream Kitchen Giveaway of Ferguson although the link for sign up is already provided?
    Anyway use this link : http://ferguson.promotions.com/fantkitchsweeps/front.do
    for enter your email id and sign up.

  • Beverly Yvonne Sympson

    I want to enter the Deam Kitchen contest.

  • Debra

    I have also tried to enter the sweetstake, But having alot of trouble getting on. Begining to think it is also a scam,. To get people E-Mail address to send to different companies.


  • Judy Hamm

    Can’t get into enter sweepstakes.

  • Doris S. Laws

    I was not able to enter this contest due to a malfunction on your site. Please do not be a scam on honest people. Also, my name and address have been given to you for the express purpose of entering the dream kitchen/bath give away through Ferguson.com Any other use of same is unlawful and subject to prosecution from me!

  • Joyce

    First, people there is a spell check on your computers, second, it takes a little research to get to the correct website to enter. I am sure this is so we spend a little time searching, brilliant. All I have to say is try and figure it out yourself. Good Luck ! A little patience goes a long way.

  • I tried several times and could not get entered in your contest. Please let me know what the problem is soon, because we are in dire need of a new renovatiion.

  • Janet Frampton

    I have been trying to enter the contest and have tried different website but still unable to enter.
    Please advise how I can enter the contest.
    Thanks in advance.

  • My Kitchen needed a renovation in the 1970s so now it needs demolition-help- can’t enter due to your web error!!!

  • Jacqueline Talton

    My kitchen is stuck deep in the past and needs help but I can’t enter the contest due to an error in your website, please tell me how I can enter. I have tried now for the past three days. Thanks !!!!!

  • DeAnne Griffin

    e nter to win makeover sweepstakes for kitchen

  • Ive tryed everyday and cant enter for some reason… this is the correct address ide taped a program on TV and got it off there…Ide love to win this sweepstakes cause my kitchen needs to be gutted and started from the top to bottom.. it dates back to earyly 60s..have neaver been able to aford to have it fixed..

  • S Joseph

    Please notify when website is working. Thanks

  • Anita Decker

    Tried to enter sweepstakes can’t enter like everyone else! Please don’t be a scam.

  • Joan Weitz

    I’ve tried to enter several times but cnnot get in I’d love to enter because my kitchen is in need of a makeover. Tried to enter on 3/30/10 at 2:12 pm.

  • I tried to enter the kitchen makeover sweepstakes but I can’t get in. I would love to enter and have my kitchen remade over. Please fix your site. I tried to enter on 4/2/2010 at 10:40pm.

    Thank you

  • tried enter also unable to get in , please check thier might be a problem – i am from the bahamas and would like to have my kitchen done.

  • not able to get into your website to enter into your kitchen makeover giveaway sweepstakes please repair your site and enter me or e-mail me so that I can enter please.

  • I was trying to enter the contest, but for some reason I couldn’t get to the area where I could enter.

    Thank You.
    Betty Raquepaw

  • James Roseman

    Houston we have a problem!!!!! I tried to enter and was not able to get in.

  • Pat Kish

    I tried to get on your website to enter the giveaway but I couldn’t

  • betty

    This is terrible you cannot register for the kitchen give away it does not work at all I have tried 4 times today and it wil not let me do anything. Can you please fix this problem.??? I know several people who are having the same problem. Thanks for your help.

  • could not find any place to actually enter contest. please help. thanks!

  • Sharon Whte

    Is this how you keep from giving a Kitchen away? To have the entry not work to accept email address?

  • Would love to enter but like everyone else unable to put in email address to initiate sweepstakes entry.

    Please let me know if your get this resolved. LOVE to enter this one. Just got a great house with good bones. However, kitchen needs a updating from the 60’s

    Thank you
    Susan Stephens

  • Ltashia Craig

    Helo, my name is Latashia Craig ,I would love very much to have a new kitchen ,which i ery much needed, bu not able to do so under certain circumstance.

  • Joyce Gould

    Hi I would like to enter my daughter in this contest she i s a single mother with an older home the needs a new kitchen she has a 12 year old daughter and they would be grateful and appreciate having a new kitchen as they love to cook and bake together.Thank You

  • Kathleen Garrison

    Need to have my kitchen updated and reshaped. The stove is positioned right in front of the door to go to the finished basement, and I feel this is a safety issue. The basement is not a walk out and the windows are the safety blocks. We moved to Ohio from Kentucky and this home is really close to what we wanted. I just feel the kitchen needs to be renovated and updated. I really want to enter the contest but can’t seem to get my email entered to continue. Please let me know what I am doing wrong to enter the contest. Thanks so much!!!


  • rebeccasblevins

    It won’t let me register. What’s up with this tease. Fix the site so I can register.

  • I have been trying to enter sweepstakes but have been unable to enter e-mailaddress.

  • I would love to enter this contest
    but it wont let enter ??

  • I would like to enter the kitchen make-over contest. I have been unable to log in.
    Would you please enter my name.
    Thank you.

  • I am eager to enter this contest but, for some reason or other I am unable to login? Please respond Thank You.

  • Ellen Denlinger

    I would love to win. What a great 51st. aniversary to a very old kitchen

  • Ellen Denlinger

    it won’t let me in, what a great 51st aniversity gift to a old kitchen. i would love to win
    ellen denlinger

  • betsy holmquist palmer

    Unable like the others above to enter!! Is this for real or is it some kind of scam? Are you actually offering a free kitchen? I am beginning to doubt the authenticity of it all.

  • elferguson

    I need a kitchen makeover and I would like to enter as soon as possible
    what are the steps to take in getting in on this project?

  • debbie lopez

    my wish is to have a nice kitchen to cook in .
    a makeover is a dream come true to me .
    so let me in to do so

  • Vanessa Powell

    Please tell me how to register for the make over. There seems to be a problem in entering the email address. I like the others that comments am wondering if this is a joke?????

  • becky zimmer

    i would like to register to win the giveaway

  • I’m not one to have any good luck,and this would be just perfect. I have dreams of having a beautiful kitcken like those on tv. So PLEASE help me enter to win win that beautiful kitcken of my dreams.Tell me how or put the entry form on the website to enry the giveaway… I’ve been trying tofind the entry form and have had no luck in locating it.

  • Linda Richards

    Nice contest if you can enter! Entry site doesn’t work!!

  • Bonnie Sampson

    Hello; I am the 60th person who has tried to enter and not been able to. If you really wanted this contest to work you would have fixed this problem already, so why haven’t you. Don’t you keep track of your own web page?????? This is a good way to make people NOT want to deal with you or buy from you. If you can not get your webpage to work right why would I think you would have products/services I want to buy from you. I know customer service has gone in the toilet but you should not advertise a contest and then have it not work. Just let people know you DON’T want them to win anything or JUST maybe buy something from you and get it over with. Bonnie

  • Carol Adrian

    There must be a glitch in your website. It will not allow you to enter your E-Mail address. Your “contest” seems to me to be a scam. Seeing as the add is on Television and appears to be a scam the FCC might be interseted in hearing about it.

  • Carol Adrian

    Your ” Kitchen Giveaway” appears to be a scam. Seeing as how it is being advertised on TV the FCC might be interested in finding out about it. From what I have heard about the FCC they dont take kindly to false advertising being broadcast.

  • Pam Tauarez

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