Do you want to buy a Chair with cooling or heating function?


Temperature war is very common at many workplaces. Often, it happens that the person complaining regarding the office being too hot is sitting just beside the person complaining regarding it being too cold. It is very difficult to keep all the employees happy and comfortable in the office, as “comfortable” means different to everybody.


There is a connection between the office temperature and worker productivity, the productivity drops in too hot or too cold environment. A company named Tempronics has made temperature-regulating chairs for office. These temperature-regulating chairs come with cooling and heating function so no need to worry about the temperature of the office.


Tempronics Cooler Heater Chair looks as if a high-end mesh chair but has an air conditioning system built into the fabric. Users are able to adjust the air conditioning system according to their comfort level when the room temperature ranges between 16° and 29° C. Along with providing personalized cooling experience, it also saves power up to 30% to 70%.

Users just have to decrease the thermostat setting in the wintry weather and raise it in the summer. The chair consumes less than 75 watts of power compared to 1800 watts consumed by conventional air conditioners.

Till now, the company has not revealed that the chair is corded or charged by battery. Like high-end office chairs, users can adjust arm rests, seat level and tilt. The chair will not glow in particular colors (that are shown in the above pictures) to connote temperature. The price of Tempronics Cooler Heater Chair is $US 1100 per piece but if you buy in bulk you will get it for $US800 per seat.