Mahindra Rodeo RZ Test Drive Review


The Japanese players, mainly Honda has dominated the scooters market and now even Suzuki with its Swish and Access offerings. However, Indian players such as Hero MotoCorp, TVS, Honda and Mahindra Two Wheelers have also their presence in the segment. Day by day, competition in the scooter segment is rising with manufacturers refreshing their products. Have you ever thought that the price of petrol would be Rs 80/litre just to get down the road? But it is the fact now, and so people want to have more efficient vehicles. Considering this factor, Indian automotive giant Mahindra Two Wheelers entered in the market with the revamped Rodeo RZ, the highlight of which is definitely the remarkable mileage of 59.38 kmpl under ARAI’s test conditions.

Mahindra Rodeo RZ

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In the scooter market, Mahindra Two Wheelers has been a violent player since it launched the Duro and Rodeo in 2009. The Rodeo is 1 of the 3 power scooters in Mahindra’s collection and integrates various technologies from Taiwan based company SYM. Overall, the Mahindra Rodeo seems to be a pleasing option to the different automatic scooters on sale in India today. It feels sportier and sharper compared to Duro and has superior chassis equipment too. The new Rodeo is not only another facelift, but also the try to incrementally improve the already first-class product. Now, Mahindra Rodeo comes in a new avtaar, generating more power with enhanced storage space, more such features and the RZ suffix. Mahindra Rodeo RZ is stylish, well put together and has everything you would desire, from a Scooter.


Design and styling:

When it comes to styling, the alterations are minimal on the new Rodeo RZ, with more noticeable touches to the graphics on the front and the rear. The power scooter, Mahindra Rodeo RZ comes in dazzling 7 shades – Forest Green, Fiery Black, Majestic Maroon, Cappuccino Brown, Deep Ocean Blue, Blazing Red and Majestic Maroon. These 7 body colors are sprayed at body panels, front fairing and mudguard, rear view mirrors and rear grab rail. The SYM logo graces under the Rodeo badge as a part of the partnership among Mahindra and Thailand’s SYM. In its dimensions, the scooter is rather compact with a subtle line crossing across the body panel. The ride is very high for its size, sitting at 153mm from the ground. Talking about the rear, there is a sole shock swingarm, which is precise for this segment of scooter. One thing that people may dislike is the design of the alloy wheels, as it could have been made much better. But on the whole, the looks are quite decent; indeed the scooter has a cutesy look for a 125cc scooter.

Performance, Handling and Gearbox:

Performance is excellent within the 8 BHP segments of scooters. This scooter is powered by 124.6 cc mill at its heart. The credit goes to the new Z-Series engine, which generate 8.1 BHP or 6 kW of peak power at 7000 rpm and 9 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm – performance is high-quality. Indeed the Mahindra claims that 0-60 km/h will come in 9.35 seconds, which is better than Swish’s number of 9.4 seconds and Activa’s 11.6 seconds. Unlike the Suzuki Access, which has a very crunchy throttle response due to more power and torque at lower RPM, the Rodeo has sufficient pep to assist you zip away from any circumstances in city traffic. Moreover, the scooter has adequate grunts to keep you going on the highway. The 125cc Z series engine got enhanced by means of the Dual Curve Digital Ignition System (DCDI), which slightly boosts the performance at the same time as not compromising mileage. Don’t anticipate jaw-dropping acceleration because the power delivery is very smooth and linear, though, the RZ is zippier compared to its predecessor and rides flawlessly yet with pillion on board.

When talking about the handling part, the scooter was taken to the few rough terrains in Film City at which it handled quite fine and appreciation to its twin telescopic front suspension and the utmost ground clearance of 154 mm from its center stand. Due to these features, it was not found any rock hitting the bottom or any pot hole on the tarmac. The riding position is comfy and well constructed. The scooter boasts of monocoque chassis and the scooter has a truly good turning radius and is fairly sharp in corners as well.

The gearbox is also one of the best things. At lower RPM there is no CVT rubber band effect and this assists you preserve lower speeds. The rubber band effect cannot be fully eliminated, however you will barely observe that mid-range is wonderful, you just need to open the throttle and you are doing 60-65 km/h in no time – gratitude to the light kerb weight of 106 kgs. Amazingly, the scooter went pretty fast on inclines also, which is rather not seen in this segment.


Customer feedback always helps companies to grow as per the minds of the customer as well as in the market. Customer feedback has been taken very sincerely by Mahindra and thus integrated changes to the Rodeo. The company has provided its best seller a first-class upgrade, which will make it more famous amid the masses. The Rodeo RZ has everything one could demand from a scooter. It is fast, practical and amusing to ride. Although the Japanese competitors are more influential and stable than the Rodeo, it definitely takes the crown when it comes to sensibility. Overall, Mahindra has come back with a product that will satisfy its buyers with decent power, compact ergonomics, and excellent mileage with the truly great features which help in real-world conditions in addition to fancy requirements. With prices set to remain principally the same, the Rodeo RZ will carry on to do Mahindra 2 Wheelers proud and attract customers.

Price Range (in lakhs) : Ex-showroom price – Rs 48,000 (estimated)

Rodeo RZ Technical Specs

  • Starting System – Self Start / Kick Start
  • Engine – 4 Stroke spark ignition
  • Displacement – 124.6 cc
  • Battery – 35W / 35W
  • Maximum Power – 6 kW @ 7000 rpm
  • Maximum Torque – 9 Nm @ 5500 rpm
  • Max Speed – 80 km/h
  • Transmission Gear Box – Automatic
  • Frame – Tubular
  • Headlamp – 1790 mm
  • Overall length – 1790 mm
  • Overall Width – 650 mm
  • Overall Height – 1110 mm
  • Seat Height – 780 mm
  • Wheelbase – 1245 mm
  • Minimum Ground Clearance – 154 mm
  • Fuel System Capacity – 4.5 liters
  • Suspension
    • Front : Telescopic
    • Rear : Swing Arm
  • Brake
    • Front : Mechanical, Expanding shoe type 130 dia.
    • Rear : Mechanical, Expanding shoe type 130 dia.
  • Tyre Size
    • Front : 3.50-10, 4PR,51J or 90/100-10, 53J
    • Rear : 3.50-10, 4PR,51J or 90/100-10, 53J


  • Excellent fuel economy figure for a scooter
  • Several goodies at a VFM Price
  • Zippy and light scooter


  • Rear tire size
  • Plastic quality

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