Qi Standard and Future of Interoperable Wireless Charging


Have you ever been through the problem of forgetting your charger at home when you are at work well same here, that is because the only way you can charge your phone is through electricity ( or through another battery of higher power) where in you need a wire for making the current flow from the source to your phone that is you need “wired charging”. However the tech people all around the globe are working full-time to solve this problem by introducing the concept of Wireless Charging.

Qi standard and Future of interoperable wireless charging

The Power Consortium is a business alliance of more than 80 companies that are working on similar technology. The list of the member countries include: Convenient Power, Fulton Innovation, National Semiconductor, Nokia, Philips, Sang Fei, Sanyo and Texas Instruments etc. The organization started in 1998 with the aim of creating a Wireless power charging standard so that the charging station and the electronic product recognize each other and charge automatically.


The consortium has already proved that the electric power can be transmitted without wires and over limited distance this process is pretty simple as well. The company has worked on developing a pretty simple mechanism using which they can develop a platform that could recognize the device that is kept on it and keep it fully charged all the time. The technology that they use is pretty simple and pretty effective one as well in simple words it is called the Electromagnetic Induction and the phenomenon is known as Inductive charging, In this method there exists a charging station that sends power to the device kept on top with the help of a inductive coupling the induced charge on the other device is stored on separate batteries.

This is how the official site describes the new innovation: “Our wireless chargers have the same ingredients as a wired charger (an AC-DC adaptor plus charging electronics) and one additional ingredient: the copper wire between adaptor and the mobile phone is replaced with a wireless link. That link is not efficient as a copper wire (what can beat a copper wire?), but careful design made it possible to achieve at least 70% transfer efficiency.”

The charging pad distinguishes between the different devices that are placed on top using the logo, if the device is interoperable that is it can be charged with any design pad then the logo on the device can be used to identify what type of and how much power transfer need to be made. If the flash on their website is taken as a sneak peak then we can say that charging our cell phones is going to become simpler than ever. The animation shows that a mobile phone is slid over a stylish sleek pad kind of a thing that has LED that start glowing as soon as the mobile touches the pad. When the pad also seems to be having a display which can show to which level the device e has been charged up to. Though we are not pretty sure of the diplay on the device the other facts however remain established as of now.

So there ii is guys the consortium is going to come up with a demo on January 7 2011 at the CES in LAS VEGAS till then we will have to wait for the secret to be unveiled.

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