Tesla’s Electric car Model X SUV to be unveiled in 2011


Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced at the Cleantech Investor Summit in Palm Springs, California that Tesla will unveil the electric Model X SUV later this year (2011) and also said the company will launch two more electric cars in the coming years although Tesla’s second electric vehicle the Model S might not be hitting markets before 2012. The Tesla’s electric Model X SUV will be “cooler” than any SUV or minivan on the market according to Musk. Also, the company is working on a “mainstream” car to be available within four to five years which will cost around $30,000.

Tesla's Electric car Model X SUV to be unveiled in 2011

Image source: gigaom.com

The new Model X SUV will share the similar platform and underpinnings as the Model S sedan and even use the same electric powertrain and output similar or the same power and torque figures, according to speculators. Also, the Adaptable Common Platform is going to be used in the future on forthcoming convertible and commercial van variants. It is estimated that the price of Tesla Model S will be began at nearly US$49,990 (AU$49,797) and compared to it, the Model X price is predictable to be higher.


Tesla had declared in 2009 that in three more vehicles they would be using the Model S drivetrain, out of which one was an electric crossover-utility vehicle that will be the Model X and remaining two were an electric minivan and an electric utility van for fleets.

Musk had some appealing violent predictions on how quick EVs will become mainstream. Musk said electric vehicles will be drastically cheaper by 2020 than they are at present and the electric cars will be the only cars to be sold in America by 2030. He also added that he truly believes the cars of the future will be sexy and electric.

The audience asked Musk numerous questions at the conference for counsel on running companies and competing in the marketplace. To construct a useful prototype as quickly as possible Musk recommended entrepreneurs for their ideas, for the smallest amount of money.

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