Vaya Tyffyn Review: Premium lunch box to keep your food hot


How many days have you ate cold food at lunch in your office? Ask your child once, how it feels to eat cold bread at lunch in school. Food tastes good when served hot, isn’t? But for school students and office goers, the hardest part has been the lunch break.

It doesn’t feel like eating out every day at the canteen. Sometimes our tummy does crave for some home food. When you don’t like to buy food every lunch time, the best option is to carry a premium lunch box that can keep your lunch hot and crispy. And for that purpose, Vaya Tyffyn lunch box is the best option.

Vaya Tyffyn Reviews


Vaya Tyffyn is an extremely satisfying lunch box for all purpose. It is a three layered vacuum insulated lunch box carrier. It is generally available in 1000ml capacity. Vaya tyffyn lunch boxes are capable of keeping your food hot for more than 6 hours. It preserves the smell of your meal as long as food stays in. Hence, these lunch boxes are the best carry-on boxes to take your meal with you, all day long.

How Vaya Tiffin works

Scientifically made up of stainless steel and insulating technology, these lunch boxes don’t allow your food to get rotten and keeps it fresh all day long. The vapour that the food produces stays inside the box and that keeps the food fresh and delicious. The stainless steel material holds the moisture in it, keeps the food hot but doesn’t heat up the outer portion of the lunch box, which is an exclusive feature which other lunchboxes doesn’t have.

Specifications and USP: To understand any product in detail, it is important to understand its every feature. So, here we have summed up all specifications and features of Vaya tyffyn premium lunch box which will not only clear your doubts but will also incite you to buy one:

  • It is made up of stainless steel, which keeps your food warm.
  • The VacuTherm insulating technology keeps your food warm for more than 6 hours.
  • It is a three-layered lunch box with outer fabric cover.
  • Each layer has leakage proof double layered shot lids.
  • All the containers are made up of high-quality copper finished stainless steel material.
  • It consists of two stainless steel latches which hold up all the containers intact in it.

The Pros: Though the commercial market sells hundreds of different lunch boxes, Vaya Tyffyn premium lunch boxes are different than the others in terms of its heat holding capacity and container material. These are made up of high-quality stainless steel material, which not only keeps your food hot but also preserved the essence of its species.

The cons: Vaya Tyffyn lunch boxes are the best suit for school children, office goers and people travelling via train. It honestly doesn’t have any cons to talk about. It’s too good a product to use.

The best thing about the product: Vaya Tyffyn lunch boxes are an excellent choice for office goers. It keeps your food hot and fresh for more than 6 hours. Food tastes as good as ‘just cooked oven food’ when preserved in Vaya Tyffyn lunch boxes.

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