Dubai’s New water taxi Service – Stations & Booking Information


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that the operation of five “Water Taxis” in Dubai will be started on Wednesday 21 July 2010. Similar to a regular car taxi service, this service works, where a consumer calls up to ask for a boat pick them up at one of 18 different locations around the emirate, containing the Atlantis hotel, Dubai Creek, and Dubai Marina.

Mattar Al Tayer, RTA chairman and executive director said, “The service will be on demand from 10 am until 10 pm”. He said, “the service can also be booked for tourist trips, starting at AED400 per hour.” “Regular journeys start at AED50 for one stop going up to AED570 for a regular trip between the two farthest stations of Dubai Festival City and the Jebel Ali Hotel and Spa,” said by Al Tayer. He added, “The number of locations will increase by adding new ones in the next period such as Meridian Mina Seyahi Hotel and Royal Mirage Hotel.”


Carbon is used in making of Water taxi boats, which are fitted out with airline Business Class seats, each with an LCD screen in the reverse and a tray table. According to the statement, “Each boat is 11m long and 4m wide, can travel up to 35 knots, and can seat up to 11 passengers as well as the captain.” To book a water taxi, customers should call 8009090.

The Water Taxi is characterized by its sleek design, which combines the traditional form with the modernity, represented by the ceiling that is derived from the design of the Dubai Metro stations, and benefit from the latest technology in this area,” explained by Al Tayer. The Water Taxi is also featured by its structure of “Catamaran Low Wash”, and a sleek ceiling; central air conditioning and comfortable seats that seem similar to the Business Class seats in aircraft and are equipped with LCD screens on the backside of the seats with the capability of reversing the seat up to 45 degrees as well as a special table.

11 passengers in addition to the commander can be seated by the Water Taxi, pointing out that taken into account on designing the Water Taxi the requirements fulfillment of persons with special needs, where 20% of the seats has been dedicated for this category. The seats are foldable to provide sufficient space to facilitate entrance and exit of the wheelchair easily without any obstruction in addition to stability safely in the cabin.

He said, “It is characterized by two eco-friendly engines at 270 horsepower. Its also equipped with the best navigational devices approved by the (IMO), not to mention the application of the world’s highest safety criteria (SOLAS)“.

Al Tayer further stated that the Water Taxi project comes within the overall study and strategic plan stipulated by the RTARTALoading… to develop the marine transport systems in Dubai so as to meet the needs and wishes of large social cross-sections and cover up new areas, pointing out that the number of marine transport commuters including the Abras and Water Bus, reached last year around 17 millions, as the Abras transit on daily basis around 50 thousand commuters and the Water Bus transits on daily basis around 1500 commuters.

Water taxi stations:

18 locations on the Dubai Creek and tourist spots of the Emirate are covered by the Water taxi service. That are Al Mamzar, Al Sabkha, Bani Yas, Deira Old Souq, Al Shindagha, Dubai Festival City, Bur Dubai, Al Fheidi, Al Seef, Al Boom Tourist Village, Dubai Creek Park (A,B), Open Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Beach Park, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jebel Ali Hotel, Dubai Marina, and Spa, Atlantis Hotel.