How to search Missing Malaysia Air Plane online?


Wanna help in search of Missing Malaysia Air Plane? You can do it online at Tomnod crowdsourcing platform, just by viewing satellite pictures given to you.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was disappeared on Saturday 8th March with more than 200 passenger and craw on board. All eyes and ears of the world have failed to discover this missing plane. Where is Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? – It’s become a mystery that have not solved by authorities. Still, no clue has found by any one regarding missing flight MH370. It’s really shocking news for all people world wide, that’s why millions of people across the world has joined the hunt for the missing plane by viewing thousands of satellite images covering 1,000 square miles on tomnod website. It is really difficult to find the plane in area that involved in this missing; it can take lot of time and lot of manpower. As a result of that, Satellite Company has created Tomnod crowdsourcing platform to help in find the aircraft by asking volunteers to scan through imagery captured by our satellites. Now, anyone can help in finding missing Malaysia Air Plane just by visiting the website and looking at given pictures.

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It’s really great opportunity for people to help in finding Malaysian Airline. Maybe, your little time works lot for authorities, so it’s request for people to view image of website and help authorities to find missing Malaysia airliner. You don’t to follow more steps to do it, just visit Tomnod crowdsourcing platform. You will get four options to view image on the site including aircraft wreckage, life-rafts, oil slick, wreckage and other.

If you find ordinary image that you think might help, then tag it and add description accordingly. As soon as you tag it, the company will pass it along the rescue authorities. Your viewing record will also display on the right side of the page, so you can access in which category you have viewed images. You can share this map with other people on this platform.

In the first week of launch, company got more than 25,000 volunteers on the site helping out, which caused the site to crash briefly. More than 2 million people have tagged 645,000 photos and made this the largest Tomnod campaign in history by orders of size. Digital globe continuously widen search area and now it displays 24,000 square kilometers of imagery for the crowd to comb through.

The company constantly collect images of search area and present new information on the website. It appreciates the work of people, who have done to search for clues and spread the word. It’s really great platform for people, who want to support the rescue mission.

At present, all countries help Malaysian government to find missing plane. India started a broad search using its air force, navy and coast guard on Thursday, after getting formal request from the Malaysian government to broaden the area of the search from the South China Sea to the Andaman Sea. Not only India, other countries also taking part in search of Missing Malaysian Airline and helping Malaysian government.

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