All you need to know about Google Plus Social Network


Google has launched its long-awaited social networking service, Google+ (Google Plus) on 28th June. Google+ is the biggest attempt to rival, Facebook. Google+ offers same features like Facebook but with added advantages like video chat, facility to organize friends into groups. Instead of sharing with all social connections, Google+ allows the users to share selectively with particular groups in the given circles. It has much better design and UI compared to normal Google products. It has same “normal” Google look with lots of white space. Google+ has lots of new features. Read on to know all about Google+.

All you need to know about Google Plus Social Network

Features of Google+


Google+ Circles user interface is interesting and easy to use. Circle concept is like group but it is in more restricted manner. The users can share different things with different people by making groups in category such as college friends, work colleagues, book club, family, etc. Users have to simply drag the contact cards into big circles one by one or multiple at a time to make groups. Users can share right content with right people as well as can follow the content posted by people they find interesting.


Spark is an online content sharing engine which makes easy to find news and content based on your interests in more than 40 languages from across the Internet. Sparks seek articles, video and anything based on the interest of user. The users have to enter a list of interests and it delivers a feed of very contagious content which you can comment on, react to and share with your friends or circles.



Hangouts let the users to have video chats with several people at once and start Hangouts at any time. Hangouts bring voice, video and text chat at one place. With Hangouts, the users can chat with up to 10 people at a time. The users can hit the Hangout button and invite anyone they want to join. While anybody starts hangouts, it will appear in his/her stream as well as any person can connect the conversation.


Huddle is a group messaging app which let the users to begin group chats through text messaging fast and easily. The users have to just gather their friends at a single update and begin chatting with everyone at a single time. Huddle allows everybody to see inside the circle what is going on and calls everybody into 1 simple group chat at one place.

Instant upload

Instant upload feature let the users to upload photos directly from phone to their Google+ profile private album. The users can also share those albums with their Plus Circle with just one click. The users must have Android phone (Android version 1.8 and above) to use this feature. There is no limit on the number of albums, no. of photos or file size.


The main part of Google + is Stream which is like Facebook’s news feed. In the Stream users can enter a status update, or use icons to upload and share photo & videos. The users can also interact with content from their various Circles or Sparks. You can also see updates from the people in your circles through Stream.

Other Things to Know About Google+


Google+ project gives more importance to user privacy. Google+ let the users to make individual groups to share and view content with only those they want to. Google+ is very simple to use and if the user wants to share content in public then it is also very easy.

+1 Button

Google+1 Button is akin to Facebook’s “Like” button. +1 button let the Google user to vote for pages and videos on the web. Those votes will be showed publicly. +1 button has not been launched for all searchers but Google account users can select to join the experiment at Google Experimental.

Google+ Timeline

Google+ is under “limited Field Trial” and accessible only by invitation. As per Google+ webpage, they are testing the product so only some people can access it in the interim but for everybody it will be available soon. If you also want to test Google+ then leave your name and email address at the Google+ webpage and you will be informed soon about your personal invitation.

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