Jelly Bean Android 4.1: What are the new features?


With the announcement of Jelly Bean, Google’s next version of Android, that is Android 4.1, there has been an end to the long wait from Android lovers. And what’s better, this is a stepping stone for a lot of new features, upgraded from the current Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is sure to include features pertaining to usability, UI enhancements, and even performance improvements. Read on for a detailed review.

Jelly Bean Android 4.1 features

Out of the new features, the front in the queue is Project Butter, which includes Vsync, improved touch experience, Triple buffering, improved usage of system resources, and lower CPU usage. The main aim of Project Butter is to improve the overall speed of Android OS and even apps, so that the users will be able to feel a “butter” smooth experience. Google even claims that Jelly Bean is the fastest version of Android till date.


Coming with a new and updated launcher which can resize the widgets automatically if its size is big, and even re-align the icons so that they fit the widget on a specific homescreen, the new predictive keyboard system is sure to provide a Swiftkey like experience. With this, the keyboard will now try to predict the next word the user will be typing. Another major update is for the voice to text feature which will now be working without the availability of a working data connection, and even support 18 new input languages including Hindi and Persian.

The Android Beam in ICS got better with the ability to share pictures and videos using Wi-Fi direct (similar to the S-Beam in Galaxy S III). With the updated notification system, users can directly call, message or check-in right from the notification bar. There has also been introduction of the app encryption system making them more secure.


Coming to the availability, the Android Jelly Bean will be available for Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola XOOM sometime in mid-July this year as an OTA update. Apart from that, the newly announced Google Nexus 7 tablet will be accompanied by Jelly Bean from its launch itself. For other devices, is sure is going to be some long wait.