New Group Chat, Buddy Lists & Video Calling in Facebook


Three new features such as video calling with Skype, group chat, and a redesign for Facebook chat have been offered in Facebook’s “something awesome” event on Wednesday. Facebook users are now allowed to talk face to face with their friends over the computer. Video calling is brought by the well-liked Internet video-chat provider, Skype into the Facebook interface. These features are planned for users to easily access to their friends, who are online.

New Group Chat, Buddy Lists & Video Calling in FacebookChat feature of Facebook is also redesigned as New Group Chat by which users can easily talk with their friend group and messages often show up first. Facebook users need to press the invite a friend button in the chat window, enter the name of the friend that they want to join in the conversation and the group will be set. If any of their friends are not available at that moment, then they will be provided with a summary of the chat log at a time of his/her login. Through this new feature of group chat, users can easily form and dissolve the group so it becomes different from the recent execution of Group Chat.

Facebook is launching a new design that introduces a new sidebar according to size of display, and in this way, it takes benefit of the full width of web browser, and display. This buddy list allows users to access their most often contacted friends by just one click. Users can easily identify friends, with whom they would like to chat from larger thumbnail and name, with this feature.


Facebook’s new video calling feature is fundamentally a simplified procedure by which a Facebook account holder is allowed to start a video call easily. Facebook users need webcam-equipped computers for making video calls. Users need to complete a quick, one-time setup before calling their friends. To call a friend, click the video icon at the top of chat window. After that, click the “Set Up” button, and follow the instructions about how to set up video calling on browser. Visit a friend’s profile and click the “Call” button in the top right corner and start chatting.

If users’ friend is unavailable, they can leave a video message. The time and date of missed call will be listed in ongoing message history with that friend. Just close the video window to end a video call. If users do not have a webcam on their computer, they can still use video calling. They will be able to see and hear their friends, but their friends will only be able to hear them. However, they need to know that they can video chat with only one person at a time.

Users can start video calls from a profile of friend or through the Facebook Chat program with just a few clicks. First time users need to visit, click on the “Get Started” button, select a name of contact, with whom they want to chat, and then click on the Video calling icon in the chat window. Now they will be taken to download a plugin for their browser. Users will be able to video chat in the future without having to install this plugin again because this is only a one-time process.

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