Technology Charities for your Goodwill


Caring comes in all forms and shapes. There are people who express their care to the kind by helping them with material things. Sometimes, the care is expressed in the form of skills that you own and these skills are highly in demand by the tech savvy people. Therefore, technology has become a better area to make charity whether it is related to goods or services. Nowadays, a number of tech savvy charitable sectors are working that are full of collaboration, partnership, strong networks, formal and informal bonds between the organizations. Have a look at some of the best charities or charity services mentioned below.

Technology Charities for your Goodwill

The People’s Operator

The People’s Operator is a mobile operator that takes 25% of all company’s profits and donates it to significant causes. The main aim of The People’s Operator is to support people, who are in need, build local communities for the people and fight illnesses and help children. Moreover, it lets you donate 10% of your monthly usage costs to a cause of your own choice. The People’s Operator (TPO) makes use of another company’s communications to deliver its service. The site has not yet revealed which network it uses but it is anticipated that TPO operates on T-Mobile infrastructure and Orange. Currently, TPO’s data service makes use of 3G technology. According to the company, The People’s Operator will soon introduce 4G services. Calls and texts to TPO customers are completely free, whereas calls to other network will charge 12.5 pence per minute and texts to other network will cost 7.5 pence each, and last but not the least, data is priced at 12.5 pence per megabyte. The generated profit is passed on to the deserving parts of the society.



CTXchange is a UK based charity. It is a corporate-centered charity which means that instead of looking for donations from public, it tries to accumulate the donated products and services from the world’s largest technology organizations. It offers products and services at reasonable discounts for charities registered with the organization. CTXchange is in partnership with major technology businesses like Symantec, Flickr, Adobe, Cisco and Microsoft. Though it is a UK based charity organization, CTXchange is a part of the global TechSoup organization. People who are struggling to find networking hardware, computer software and more, can easily utilize the CTXchange. The Charity Technology Trust (CTT) and TechSoup are working to further expand the programme so that they can include donations from the leading commercial technology donors. With the help of this programme, the UK-based charities can request donated technology products from their business partners. The products include security software, server software, operating system software and hardware products like wireless equipment, switches, firewalls and routers.

Practical Action

Practical Action is one of the best tech savvy charities. It is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which makes use of technology to confront poverty in developing countries. It develops practical actions to resolve complex problems in the communities around the world. The organization works alongside the communities to determine the helpful solutions to the poverty faced by the poor people. According to the organization, technology is an essential contributor to people’s livelihoods. Definition of technology as per Practical Action comprise of acquaintance and skills, physical infrastructure, machinery and equipment. The main aim of the organization is to contribute to the wellbeing of the poor by making use of the technology. It works on using enhanced technologies such as podcasting technologies to establish local radio stations, solar power to light a village, improving the access to technical options and knowledge and more. The organization works across 12 countries of the world such as Zambia, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bolivia, India and Kenya. They work with communities and adopt a joint approach by sharing knowledge and experience.

Coders For Charities

The Coders For Charities was founded in the year 2007. Since then there have been 4 weekend events and 40 local non-profit organizations. The organization is actually a three day charity event that combines with local software developers and charities. It involves local IT community to help and raise the awareness of local charities. The main aim of the organization is, “Do good with what you do well.” The organization works with around 80 geeks to help 10 charities each year. The organization works with great group of volunteers on different events. It helps the non-profit organizations who need technical or programming assistance. Often, Charities do not have the funds to employ a new website or database solution or intranet and even the software developers do not volunteer for charities as their skills are not appreciated. But, this event is perfect for these two needs because the software developers volunteer their time to help the charities better and provide their community with the latest technology.


GoodSearch lets the people feel connected to organizations. It is dedicated to the founder of GoodSearch – Ken and JJ’s mother, who passed away due to cancer and who taught by working together one can make this world a better place. The main aim of this organization is to help the nonprofits organizations and schools. According to the organization, “doing good” must be a part of people’s everyday lives. It is a well known fact that Google is the most famous search engine, but if you are willing to try out another search engine, then you must try out the GoodSearch. Every time you make a search through this search engine, a penny will be donated to a cause of your own choice. This search engine is powered by Yahoo and you will certainly get some decent search results. It contributes 50 percent of its sponsored search profits to the schools and charities selected by its users. The money that GoodSearch donates comes from its advertisers. The users and organizations do not have to spend a single penny on it. To support GoodSearch, you can also inform your family, friends and co-workers about benefits of this search engine.

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator is America’s prominent and largest charity rater that serves more than 3.3 million unique visitors. Since 10 years, the organizations free charity ratings have permitted millions of donors to access appropriate information before making a donation. It works to guide intellectual giving. It is a non profit organization under the Internal Revenue Code and it does not allow donations from any charities which they evaluate. Till now the Charity Navigator completely focused on financial evaluation of charity’s performance. But now the organization is renewing the rating system methodology from one to a three dimensional rating system. The main aim of the organization is to evaluate approximately 10,000 charities which acquire 70% of the revenue that comes to the nonprofit sector each year. The organization intends to train individuals across the country to carry out the ratings, and the central staff of Charity Navigator will focus on the quality control. Charity Navigator relies on the voluntary donations of the Board members, data sales and advertising revenue.


AbilityNet is a UK-based organization that assists the disabled people to use computers and internet to get back into the world. The organization also donates toys to the disabled children like specially-equipped remote-controlled cards and adapted controllers for the Sony PlayStation. It is the only charity in the UK that works with the disabled people of all ages by helping them use the computers and internet to improve their lives at homes, at work and even in education. The organization has undertaken a number of innovative projects, enabling more than thousands of disabled people from pre-schoolers to senior citizens to benefit from the power of technology. Selecting the right technology will help the disabled people to be more creative. In short, it offers a wide range of services to the disabled people to get the most from computers and internet.