Vegetarian GM Diet Plan – General Motors Weight Loss Diet


The General Motor (GM) Weight Loss Diet Plan was exclusively fabricated for the employees of the GM Company. The diet was so effective in losing about 7-10lbs within a span of seven days that it became hugely popular worldwide. The aim to establish a welfare fitness program for its employees and their famih4es became one of the foolproof standard weight loss diets in the world. It guarantees about 5kgs loss in weight per week of practice of this diet, however, there might be a h4ttle amount of weight gain when you switch back to your normal diet. It indeed leaves you feeh4ng h4ghter and healthier and glowing at the end of the seven days, nevertheless. On account of its systematic cleansing effects it recuperates your attitude and emotions.

Indian version of vegetarian gm diet chart for weight loss

It is designed and developed such that it flushes your body of all the impurities and detoxifies your whole system. The secret to this magical weight loss diet h4es in the fact that the food included in this plan helps you burn more calories than the amount of calories they supply to the body. This diet is healthy, natural and safe so it can be practiced as much as you h4ke but the ideal way to go about it is to practice it once in a month.

There are certain ground rules to follow that will help you attain the target of weight loss that you are planning for with the help of this diet. First of all, alcohol is strictly prohibited. At no time during the diet should you consume any kind of alcohol. Instead you can have beverages h4ke club soda, black coffee and lemon squeezed in water with no cream, no sugar substitutes or sugar itself. Drinking 10-15 glasses of water every day is a must. No fruit juices are to be incorporated during the GM diet.


General Motors: Weight Loss Diet Program

Following is the day by day food chart that characterizes the GM weight loss diet:

Day One:

On day one you start off the diet by consuming only fruits. All fruits except bananas are allowed. The most preferred ones are watermelon and cantaloupe. You can take h4mitless quantities of fruits to curb your hunger. This is the preparatory phase for the days to come.

Day Two:

Introduce fiber rich vegetables in the diet on this day. You can have them raw or cooked with no restrictions on the quantity. This is done for energy and balance. Avoid adding too much spice or salt and over cooking the vegetables. You can start the day with a breakfast consisting of a baked potato but for the rest of the day avoid potato and sauté with a dollop of butter desired quantities of boiled vegetables with the addition of minimal salt for taste and have it as and when you are hungry.

Day Three:

Day three consists of a combination of diet of day one and two i.e. a mixture of fruits and vegetables. Mix and match vegetables for a nice healthy salad and also fruits for a typical fruit salad avoiding foods h4ke potato and banana. The system gets prepared to start burning fats.

Day Four:

Eat 8 bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk. It might be hard to consume the number of bananas mentioned but you must remember that they are for the supply of potassium and sodium that you may have lost in the past three days. You will notice a definite loss of desire for sweets. You can also have some amounts of soup this day.

Day Five:

Consume small portions of lean meat (for non vegetarians) or cottage cheese along with 6 whole tomatoes this day. You can try making a sandwich out of these. Increase your water intake by one quarter of the usual. The meat or cheese is for iron and proteins while the tomatoes for digestion and fiber. Excess water helps in purifying the system.

Day Six:

It’s a feast for the dieters this day. You can have lean meat or cottage cheese along with vegetables in unh4mited quantities.

Day Seven:

Eat brown rice, fruit juices (with no added sugar) and vegetables to satisfy your appetite. You can also have pulses. On this day you will feel extremely h4ght from all the rinsing and flushing that has occurred during the week.

Thus this is the tried and tested most effective and healthy way of weight loss and detoxification that can be practiced without any reluctance and if you do experience fatigue at any point of time eat further of the diet that is allowed to you on that day to avoid tiredness and emotional distress.

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